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Financial corporations

The statistics in this section focus on balance sheets of financial corporations other than monetary financial institutions, which are presented under “Money, credit and banking”. Non-monetary financial institutions comprise financial vehicle corporations (FVCs), investment funds other than money market funds (non-MMF investment funds), insurance corporations and pension funds.

  • FVC balance sheet statistics cover securitised loans originated by MFIs and non-MFIs, securitised assets other than loans, synthetic securitisation and FVC liabilities.
  • Statistics on the balance sheets of non-MMF investment funds are presented by investment policy of the fund and by type of fund (open-end or closed-end).
  • Statistics on insurance corporations and pension funds comprise the main categories in their balance sheets.
  • The ECB regularly publishes lists of MFIs, FVCs and non-MMF investment funds.

The data on non-MFIs complement monetary statistics, especially regarding the financing and financial investment of non-financial corporations and households.

Statistics on the balance sheets of FVCs, non-MMF investment funds, insurance corporations and pension funds are analysed in the context of financial stability and systemic risks.

In addition, the section also covers structural features of the banking industry for all EU countries.

FVC - FVC statistics refer to the aggregated balance sheet of the financial vehicle corporation (FVC) sector resident in the euro area. Aggregated results are compiled for the following four vehicle sub-categories: (i) FVCs engaged in traditional securitisation; (ii) FVCs engaged in synthetic securitisation; (iii) FVCs engaged in insurance-linked securitisation; and (iv) other FVCs.

IVF -  This dataset presents harmonised statistics on the assets and liabilities of investment funds (IFs) resident in the euro area which belong to the sub-sector “Financial corporations except monetary financial institutions (MFIs) and insurance corporations and pension funds (ICPFs)” in the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). Several EU non-euro area countries also provide data about IFs resident in their country on a voluntary basis, despite not legally obliged to report. IFs are distinguished by investment policy (equity funds, bond funds, mixed funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, other funds) and by type of fund (open-end or closed-end). Money market funds and pension funds are not covered in these data (dedicated statistics are available).

ICPF - This dataset presents statistics on the assets and liabilities of euro area insurance corporations and pension funds (ICPFs) (as defined in ESA 95). National Central Banks (NCBs) provide data on a "best effort" basis, as they are not legally obliged to report by any Regulation (short-term approach). These statistics are available as from the first quarter of 2008.

MFI - Statistics on EU population of MFIs - stocks & flows at end-month covering: (1) demographic changes (new/deleted MFIs) (2) attribute changes (modifications to locational characteristics) (3) foreign status data (branches). 

SSI - The SSI statistics currently contain: balance sheet items and indicators of industrial configuration.

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FVC - Financial Vehicle Corporations  Data Bulk download Release calendar
IVF - Investment Funds Balance Sheet Statistics  Data Bulk download Release calendar
ICPF - Insurance Corporations & Pension Funds Statistics  Data Bulk download Release calendar
MFI - Lists of MFIs  Data Bulk download
SSI - Banking Structural Financial Indicators  Data Bulk download