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  Dataset description

Securities trading statistics cover the trading of debt, equity and other tradable securities on stock exchanges.

This dataset contains information on the number of participants, listed securities and executed trades. In addition, the market capitalisation and value of executed trades are available.

A participant in a securities exchange is a legal entity that can submit (buy and sell) orders to the exchange on its own behalf or on behalf of its customers. Domestic participants are those located in the same country as the securities exchange.

Market capitalisation of listed companies is the total market value of a company, i.e. the total number of a company’s shares outstanding multiplied by the current market price per share.

In securities trading statistics each executed trade is counted once, regardless of whether the transaction has been executed on an order-driven or quote-driven system. Unsecured derivatives transactions and repo transactions are not included.

  Documentation Detailed documentation can be found on the ECB website
  Periodicity Annual
  Timeliness The data are published 6-7 months after the end of the reference year.
  Catalog Download the series catalogue (complete list of series) of the dataset SEE (Public) (including the metadata): Excel 2013 or the earlier Excel versions.
  ECB dataset naming convention

The series keys related to the securities exchange - trading statistics items in the ECB database have 7 dimensions, each being separated by a dot.

Example: The series key of the total number of participants in CEESED Vienna would be: SEE.A.AT.WBR0.D0T.Z.Q

Dimension Example

Key family



A (Annual)

Reference area

AT (Austria)

System in securities exchange (trading) context

WBR0 (CEESEG - Vienna)

Information type in securities settlement, clearing, trading context

D0T (Total participants)

Instrument in securities settlement, clearing and trading context

Z (Not applicable)

Series denominat/spec calcul

Q (Quantity)

Access by the public
  Dissemination formats Comparative tables for securities trading statistics

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