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  Dataset description This dataset presents harmonised statistics on the assets and liabilities of investment funds (IFs) resident in the euro area which belong to the sub-sector “Financial corporations except monetary financial institutions (MFIs) and insurance corporations and pension funds (ICPFs)” in the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). Several EU non-euro area countries also provide data about IFs resident in their country on a voluntary basis, despite not legally obliged to report. IFs are distinguished by investment policy (equity funds, bond funds, mixed funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, other funds) and by type of fund (open-end or closed-end). Money market funds and pension funds are not covered in these data (dedicated statistics are available). These statistics replace the non-harmonised euro area investment fund statistics. The harmonised statistics differ from the previously published statistics in terms of coverage and definition and therefore a direct comparison of the new and old statistics is not always possible. The previously published investment fund statistics are also available in the Statistics Data Warehouse under OFI dataset. For convenience, a set of quarterly euro area aggregates has been estimated back to Q4 2000 based on the OFI dataset.
  Short presentation of data items These statistics refer to the assets and liabilities of euro area investment funds (IFs), covering both outstanding amounts and transactions.
  Types of data source All IFs in the euro area are legally obliged to report data from their business and accounting systems to the National Central Banks class="external" (NCBs) of the Member States where they reside. These in turn report national aggregates to the ECB. The census of investment funds (list of IFs) is published by the ECB. (See
  Reference period These statistics are available as from reference period December 2008 (with some quarterly estimates as from reference period Q4 2000) and replace the non-harmonised euro area investment fund statistics that are available for the reference periods Q4 1998 to Q2 2009.
  Periodicity Monthly, except for certain detailed breakdowns which are collected quarterly.
  Timeliness Publication approximately 7 weeks after the reference period.
  Update frequency Monthly
  Catalog Download the series catalogue (complete list of series) of the dataset IVF (Public) (including the metadata): Excel 2013 or the earlier Excel versions.
  ECB dataset naming convention

A series code is composed of the key family identifier (IVF) plus 11 dimensions, each of them separated by a dot.

For example: IVF.M.U2.N.10.A30.F.1.U2.1000.EUR.E

Position Dimension Length Example Description
1 Frequency 1 M Monthly
2 Reference area 2 U2 Euro area
3 Adjustment indicator 1 N Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
4 Investment funds reporting sector 2 10 Equity funds
5 Investment funds assets and liabilities 3 A30 Debt securities held
6 Original maturity 1 F Up to 1 year
7 Data type 1 1 Outstanding amounts at the end of the period
8 Counterpart area 2 U2 Euro area
9 Balance sheet counterpart sector 4 1000 Monetary financial institutions
10 Currency of transaction 3 EUR Euro
11 Currency of denomination 1 E Euro

A comprehensive description of the dimensions can be found in IVF Naming Conventions.

Access by the public
  Monthly bulletin Tables 2.8 and 2.9 of the "Euro area statistics" section
  Electronic ECB website (
  Concepts and Definitions The framework for the collection of investment fund statistics is laid down in Regulation ECB/2013/38. The Regulation is complemented by Guideline ECB/2014/15, which sets out the procedures to be followed by NCBs when reporting the data to the ECB. (See
  Scope / Coverage of the data Balance sheet items of euro area investment funds.
  Geographic coverage Euro area, complemented by data about several EU non-euro area countries.
  Sector coverage Investment funds belonging to the sub-sector “Financial corporations except monetary financial institutions (MFIs) and insurance corporations and pension funds (ICPFs)" in the ESA 2010.
  Transactions coverage Transactions are calculated on the basis of outstanding amounts (stocks) corrected for the effects of reclassifications and revaluations.
  Adjustments Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted.
  Aggregation Data are aggregated across individual IFs in each Member State by NCBs or national statistical institutes to derive contributions to the euro area aggregated balance sheet of the investment fund sector.
  Sampling Data collection is based on a census rather than a sample. Nonetheless, NCBs can grant derogations to IFs that are subject to national accounting rules which allow the valuation of their assets less frequently than quarterly. Notwithstanding such derogations, the monthly and quarterly IF data reported by NCBs to the ECB shall always include data relating to these IFs.
  Validation Based on the verification of balance sheet constraints, plus checks on plausibility of developments at various levels of aggregation based on time series techniques and judgement.

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