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  Dataset contact e-mail Statistical Information Request form
  Documentation Link to predefined tables in PDF format
  Source agency National Central Banks in the European Union
  Data category Payments Statistics
  Short presentation of data items Detailed breakdowns related to institutions offering payment services. The data comprise the number of institutions and offices as well as the number of different types of accounts held by payment service users.
  National currency EUR (euro area Member States) and domestic currencies (non-euro area Member States)
  Types of data source National data are collected and compiled by EU NCBs
  Reference period From 2000
  Seasonal adjustment None
  Periodicity Monthly (BSP, BKN), Quarterly (BSP) and Annual (SSP, PSS)
  Timeliness Data are published 9 months after the reference period
  Update frequency Annual
  Catalog Download the series catalogue (complete list of series) of the dataset SSP (Public) (including the metadata): Excel 2013 or the earlier Excel versions.
Access by the public
  Simultaneous release to all interested On an annual basis
  Means of release ECB's Statistical Data Warehouse; time series to the ESCB; updated documentation in the ECB's website
  News release Press release in Q3 of each year
  Principal legislation—stat. compl. Regulation ECB/2013/43, Recommendation ECB/2013/44 and Guideline ECB/2014/15 (as amended)
  Means of public access to legislation ECB legal framework
  Revision policy Revisions to historical data are transmitted alongside data reported for the latest reference period
  Data collection Annual
  Frequency with which source gathered Varies, depending on the NCB
  Period used for gathering source data Varies
  Assessment of source data Logical and plausibility checking
  Estimation Estimation performed by NCBs for some missing data
  Validation Automated procedures
  Verification of data Automated procedures
  Verification of processing Structured Feedback Reports and confirmation of data/tables by NCBs

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