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  Title Short Term European Paper Statistics (STEP Statistics)

  Data source European Central Bank (ECB)

  Contact email address Statistical Information Request form

  Institutional mandate STEP reporting guidelines at

  Data presentation - Summary description The STEP statistics concern short-term debt securities issued in the context of programmes that have received the STEP label from the STEP Market Committee ( The STEP dataset comprises daily statistics on aggregated outstanding amounts and new issues and on yields and spreads for securities issued in euro under STEP programmes. The daily yield statistics encompass annualised yields for STEP-labelled zero coupon issues, referring to the primary market interest rates originally agreed between an issuer and an investor. Yield statistics are also available for STEP issues priced with a spread against reference interest rates. The underlying security by security data are collected with daily frequency at ISIN and settlement level from the eligible data providers.

  Source data type National Settlement Systems, International Settlement Systems, National Central Banks of the European Union and other national institutions approved as data providers by the STEP Market Committee.

  Data collection method STEP methodological notes at
Rating classification: Highest credit rating: issues with an underlying rating equal to A1, P1 or F1. High credit rating: issues rated A2, P2 or F2.

  Time period Business

  Frequency of data collection Business

  Punctuality Weekly

  Timeliness Publication on the first business day during following calendar week

  Dissemination format SDW and the ECB webpage at

  Metadata last update 09/JAN/2019 16:39:21

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STEP data
Show/Hide section   STP : Search result for STP.B.A1.1000.A.XXXX.O.DK.RA.2.A.Z01.I

Title Complement World (all entities), issuing sector Total economy, All rates (fixed, variable, zero coupon) rate - Unspecified floating rate base, Original maturity 184-274 days, All ratings, (Gross) issues against cash (flows), All collaterals - All currencies combined - Percentage share of all issues
Series Key STP.B.A1.1000.A.XXXX.O.DK.RA.2.A.Z01.I
ECB Last update 2019-10-14 14:10:17.0
Unit Percent
Reference area World (all entities) (A1)
Collection indicator End of period (E)
Coverage Unspecified valuation
Decimals Four (4)
Title Gross issues of STEP instruments denominated in all currencies, issued by total economy (184-274 days maturity, all ratings)
Frequency Business