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 Contact person Statistical Information Request form
European Central Bank
 Address PO Box 16 03 19
Frankfurt am Main
Germany, D-60066
  Source agency European Central Bank (ECB)
  Data category Derived data
  Short presentation of data items The derived_data database contains data calculated by the ECB related to CPI, HICP, real GDP, population, unit labour costs, labour productivity, industrial production, balance of payments, government finance statistics, monetary aggregates and money gap, long-term and short-term interest rates, effective exchange rates, oil prices, deflators, earnings, negotiated wages and job vacancy rates.
  Types of data source The underlying data are taken from the bis, sts, stp, sad, ecb, icp, fmdb, esa95, fiscal_ncb and ameco databases. The database includes time series at national level for the 27 EU Member States and, for some subsets of data, time series for the aggregates: euro area (current composition, Euro area 11, Euro area 12, Euro area 13 and Euro area 15).
  Periodicity Business, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual
  Timeliness Automatically as soon as one of the underlying databases is updated.
  Update frequency The underlying data are taken from the bis, sts, stp, sad, ecb, icp, fmdb, esa95, fiscal_ncb and ameco databases. As soon as one of these databases is updated, the relevant derived data series are automatically updated.
  Catalog Download the series catalogue (complete list of series) of the dataset DD (Public) (including the metadata): Excel 2013 or the earlier Excel versions.
  ECB dataset naming convention

The Derived Data dataset has five mandatory dimensions separated by one dot; the frequency, the country, the economic concept, the transformation and the suffix. The key family identifier indicates the dataset and is always set before the five dimensions

For example: DD.A.I4.POPE.LEV.4D

Position Dimension Lenght Example Comments
1-2 The key family identifier 2 DD always DD
4 Frequency 1 A A: annual; Q: quarerly; M: monthly; D:daily
7-8 Reference area 2 I4 I4: Euro area 15 (fixed composition)
variable Derived data economic concept up to 12 POPE POPE: Population (Eurostat estimates)
variable Derived data transformation up to 12 LEV LEV: Level
variable Derived data suffix up to 12 4D 4D: European Commission - Eurostat
  Geographic coverage Country data, European Union and Euro area aggregates, US, Japan

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Derived Data
Show/Hide section   DD: DD.A.I8.POPE.LEV.4D

Title Complement Euro area 19 - Population on 1st January
Series Key DD.A.I8.POPE.LEV.4D
ECB Last update 2018-08-27 14:12:03.0
Unit Millions of Persons
Reference area Euro area 19 (fixed composition) as of 1 January 2015 (I8)
Title Population on 1 January (in millions)
Decimals One (1)
Collection indicator Beginning of period (B)
Compilation Eurostat's first demographic estimates based on preliminary monthly data and national forecasts
Source agency Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat) (4D0)
Frequency Annual