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Long-term interest rate statistics

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EU member-states and Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

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The LTIR database contains statistics on interest rates for Member States that joined the EU, and a limited set of capital and money market interest rate statistics for EU candidate and Potential Candidate Countries. 

The data on Long-term Interest Rates for member-states that joined the EU prior 2001 are provided by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

The domain of Interest Rate Statistics contains

  • the national central bank’s official rates, 
  • money market interest rates, 
  • capital market interest rates.

The database includes country level time series denominated in national currency and expressed in percentage per annum. 

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Long-term interest rate statistics
Show/Hide section   IRS: IRS.M.PL.M.L20.MC.0000.PLN.N.Z

Title Complement Poland, Money market interest rates - Unspecified rate type, Deposit liabilities, 3 months (80-100 days) maturity, New business coverage, denominated in Polish zloty - Unspecified counterpart sector
Series Key IRS.M.PL.M.L20.MC.0000.PLN.N.Z
ECB Last update 2019-06-13 08:30:00.0
Unit Percent
Reference area Poland (PL)
Title Money market interest rates - 3 months (80-100 days) maturity, denominated in Polish zloty - Poland
Decimals Two (2)
Collection indicator Average of observations through period (A)
Publications Statistics Bulletin: Table in chapter 09, section 01 (T0901)
Frequency Monthly