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Series Level Information
Series Key BP6.M.N.DE.W1.S1.S1.T.B.IN1._Z._Z._Z.EUR._T._X.N
Title Primary income
Title Complement - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Germany vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Balance (Credits minus Debits)- Primary income- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
Unit Millions of Euro
Dataset BP6 : Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6)

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CL_CONF_STATUS Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free (free for publication)
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Germany vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Balance (Credits minus Debits)- Primary income- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
(Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6))
Period valueobs. status
2019-078668Estimated value (E)
2019-068769Estimated value (E)
2019-05-5275Estimated value (E)
2019-047789Estimated value (E)
2019-039753Estimated value (E)
2019-026868Estimated value (E)
2019-019111Estimated value (E)
2018-1214389Estimated value (E)
2018-119184Estimated value (E)
2018-109004Estimated value (E)
2018-098651Estimated value (E)
2018-088564Estimated value (E)
2018-078090Estimated value (E)
2018-068396Estimated value (E)
2018-05-4850Estimated value (E)
2018-044959Estimated value (E)
2018-039947Estimated value (E)
2018-026466Estimated value (E)
2018-018866Estimated value (E)
2017-1213712Estimated value (E)
2017-118266Estimated value (E)
2017-107853Estimated value (E)
2017-097784Estimated value (E)
2017-086576Estimated value (E)
2017-077632Estimated value (E)
2017-064175Estimated value (E)
2017-05-4343Estimated value (E)
2017-045840Estimated value (E)
2017-039421Estimated value (E)
2017-025441Estimated value (E)
2017-017919Estimated value (E)
2016-1212659Estimated value (E)
2016-118018Estimated value (E)
2016-107371Estimated value (E)
2016-096064Estimated value (E)
2016-087396Estimated value (E)
2016-076678Estimated value (E)
2016-061765Estimated value (E)
2016-05-2150Estimated value (E)
2016-044639Estimated value (E)
2016-038804Estimated value (E)
2016-027433Estimated value (E)
2016-016064Estimated value (E)
2015-1211916Estimated value (E)
2015-117686Estimated value (E)
2015-107376Estimated value (E)
2015-096947Estimated value (E)
2015-086635Estimated value (E)
2015-077268Estimated value (E)
2015-061868Estimated value (E)
2015-05-4607Estimated value (E)
2015-043917Estimated value (E)
2015-038053Estimated value (E)
2015-026075Estimated value (E)
2015-015179Estimated value (E)
2014-1210967Estimated value (E)
2014-116067Estimated value (E)
2014-105900Estimated value (E)
2014-095859Estimated value (E)
2014-085116Estimated value (E)
2014-075051Estimated value (E)
2014-063824Estimated value (E)
2014-05-3560Estimated value (E)
2014-042331Estimated value (E)
2014-035831Estimated value (E)
2014-025226Estimated value (E)
2014-014402Estimated value (E)
2013-1212977Estimated value (E)
2013-115551Estimated value (E)
2013-105820Estimated value (E)
2013-094752Estimated value (E)
2013-085464Estimated value (E)
2013-075492Estimated value (E)
2013-064889Estimated value (E)
2013-052090Estimated value (E)
2013-04712Estimated value (E)
2013-035755Estimated value (E)
2013-025000Estimated value (E)
2013-014229Estimated value (E)
2012-1211617Estimated value (E)
2012-116238Estimated value (E)
2012-106362Estimated value (E)
2012-095867Estimated value (E)
2012-085817Estimated value (E)
2012-075707Estimated value (E)
2012-065495Estimated value (E)
2012-05-790Estimated value (E)
2012-041171Estimated value (E)
2012-036322Estimated value (E)
2012-026209Estimated value (E)
2012-014924Estimated value (E)
2011-1212446Estimated value (E)
2011-116511Estimated value (E)
2011-107019Estimated value (E)
2011-097235Estimated value (E)
2011-086441Estimated value (E)
2011-076270Estimated value (E)
2011-066464Estimated value (E)
2011-05-4178Estimated value (E)
2011-043012Estimated value (E)
2011-036420Estimated value (E)
2011-026104Estimated value (E)
2011-014417Estimated value (E)
2010-1211561Estimated value (E)
2010-114973Estimated value (E)
2010-104612Estimated value (E)
2010-094314Estimated value (E)
2010-084193Estimated value (E)
2010-074242Estimated value (E)
2010-064233Estimated value (E)
2010-05-2197Estimated value (E)
2010-04768Estimated value (E)
2010-034804Estimated value (E)
2010-024543Estimated value (E)
2010-014482Estimated value (E)
2009-1210632Estimated value (E)
2009-115194Estimated value (E)
2009-105330Estimated value (E)
2009-094937Estimated value (E)
2009-085244Estimated value (E)
2009-075256Estimated value (E)
2009-065205Estimated value (E)
2009-05-1980Estimated value (E)
2009-04330Estimated value (E)
2009-035319Estimated value (E)
2009-024826Estimated value (E)
2009-013563Estimated value (E)
2008-128400Estimated value (E)
2008-113074Estimated value (E)
2008-102791Estimated value (E)
2008-092969Estimated value (E)
2008-082509Estimated value (E)
2008-071969Estimated value (E)
2008-061909Estimated value (E)
2008-05-4483Estimated value (E)
2008-04-2621Estimated value (E)
2008-033087Estimated value (E)
2008-023165Estimated value (E)
2008-011626Estimated value (E)
2007-129041Estimated value (E)
2007-113391Estimated value (E)
2007-103606Estimated value (E)
2007-093245Estimated value (E)
2007-083009Estimated value (E)
2007-072747Estimated value (E)
2007-063355Estimated value (E)
2007-05-4795Estimated value (E)
2007-04390Estimated value (E)
2007-034787Estimated value (E)
2007-024331Estimated value (E)
2007-012960Estimated value (E)
2006-129720Estimated value (E)
2006-113556Estimated value (E)
2006-103620Estimated value (E)
2006-093635Estimated value (E)
2006-083559Estimated value (E)
2006-073583Estimated value (E)
2006-063808Estimated value (E)
2006-05-2475Estimated value (E)
2006-042575Estimated value (E)
2006-033088Estimated value (E)
2006-023309Estimated value (E)
2006-012950Estimated value (E)
2005-126437Estimated value (E)
2005-112048Estimated value (E)
2005-101971Estimated value (E)
2005-091897Estimated value (E)
2005-081522Estimated value (E)
2005-071300Estimated value (E)
2005-061490Estimated value (E)
2005-05-521Estimated value (E)
2005-04-886Estimated value (E)
2005-031920Estimated value (E)
2005-021305Estimated value (E)
2005-011161Estimated value (E)
2004-125912Estimated value (E)
2004-111763Estimated value (E)
2004-101365Estimated value (E)
2004-091575Estimated value (E)
2004-081418Estimated value (E)
2004-071162Estimated value (E)
2004-06978Estimated value (E)
2004-05-323Estimated value (E)
2004-04-1130Estimated value (E)
2004-03791Estimated value (E)
2004-021095Estimated value (E)
2004-01250Estimated value (E)
2003-122595Estimated value (E)
2003-11-1799Estimated value (E)
2003-10-1706Estimated value (E)
2003-09-1884Estimated value (E)
2003-08-1889Estimated value (E)
2003-07-1881Estimated value (E)
2003-06-2313Estimated value (E)
2003-05-3667Estimated value (E)
2003-04-3573Estimated value (E)
2003-03-969Estimated value (E)
2003-02-1835Estimated value (E)
2003-01-2123Estimated value (E)
2002-121006Estimated value (E)
2002-11-1962Estimated value (E)
2002-10-2302Estimated value (E)
2002-09-1805Estimated value (E)
2002-08-2235Estimated value (E)
2002-07-2291Estimated value (E)
2002-06-2041Estimated value (E)
2002-05-3706Estimated value (E)
2002-04-2486Estimated value (E)
2002-03-1175Estimated value (E)
2002-02-1524Estimated value (E)
2002-01-1847Estimated value (E)
2001-122272Estimated value (E)
2001-11-1492Estimated value (E)
2001-10-1216Estimated value (E)
2001-09-1175Estimated value (E)
2001-08-1438Estimated value (E)
2001-07-1758Estimated value (E)
2001-06-1081Estimated value (E)
2001-05-2667Estimated value (E)
2001-04-2092Estimated value (E)
2001-03-693Estimated value (E)
2001-02-1835Estimated value (E)
2001-01-1127Estimated value (E)
2000-125586Estimated value (E)
2000-11-2746Estimated value (E)
2000-10-1144Estimated value (E)
2000-09-1702Estimated value (E)
2000-08-2732Estimated value (E)
2000-07-1740Estimated value (E)
2000-06-1661Estimated value (E)
2000-05-1737Estimated value (E)
2000-04-1723Estimated value (E)
2000-03921Estimated value (E)
2000-02-1930Estimated value (E)
2000-01-214Estimated value (E)
1999-121073Estimated value (E)
1999-11-1677Estimated value (E)
1999-10-1502Estimated value (E)
1999-09-1479Estimated value (E)
1999-08-1585Estimated value (E)
1999-07-1347Estimated value (E)
1999-06-1083Estimated value (E)
1999-05-2846Estimated value (E)
1999-04314Estimated value (E)
1999-03-693Estimated value (E)
1999-02-2270Estimated value (E)
1999-01-1460Estimated value (E)
1998-122256Estimated value (E)
1998-11-1293Estimated value (E)
1998-10-1949Estimated value (E)
1998-09-849Estimated value (E)
1998-08-1249Estimated value (E)
1998-07-2002Estimated value (E)
1998-06-2283Estimated value (E)
1998-05-2035Estimated value (E)
1998-04-1026Estimated value (E)
1998-03-360Estimated value (E)
1998-02-1211Estimated value (E)
1998-01-89Estimated value (E)
1997-123455Estimated value (E)
1997-11-1100Estimated value (E)
1997-10-833Estimated value (E)
1997-09-389Estimated value (E)
1997-08-451Estimated value (E)
1997-07-1000Estimated value (E)
1997-06-959Estimated value (E)
1997-05-1767Estimated value (E)
1997-04-208Estimated value (E)
1997-03-10Estimated value (E)
1997-02-305Estimated value (E)
1997-01-514Estimated value (E)
1996-123448Estimated value (E)
1996-11-436Estimated value (E)
1996-10-123Estimated value (E)
1996-09-685Estimated value (E)
1996-08-502Estimated value (E)
1996-07-1554Estimated value (E)
1996-06-354Estimated value (E)
1996-05-693Estimated value (E)
1996-0436Estimated value (E)
1996-03953Estimated value (E)
1996-0221Estimated value (E)
1996-01140Estimated value (E)
1995-122731Estimated value (E)
1995-11-1378Estimated value (E)
1995-10-551Estimated value (E)
1995-09-178Estimated value (E)
1995-08-767Estimated value (E)
1995-07-451Estimated value (E)
1995-06-240Estimated value (E)
1995-05-743Estimated value (E)
1995-04-50Estimated value (E)
1995-0324Estimated value (E)
1995-02-372Estimated value (E)
1995-01-403Estimated value (E)
1994-12-243Estimated value (E)
1994-11-312Estimated value (E)
1994-101480Estimated value (E)
1994-0972Estimated value (E)
1994-08-102Estimated value (E)
1994-07-249Estimated value (E)
1994-06-48Estimated value (E)
1994-05-694Estimated value (E)
1994-04310Estimated value (E)
1994-03464Estimated value (E)
1994-02-165Estimated value (E)
1994-01111Estimated value (E)
1993-121174Estimated value (E)
1993-11681Estimated value (E)
1993-10874Estimated value (E)
1993-09676Estimated value (E)
1993-08584Estimated value (E)
1993-07726Estimated value (E)
1993-06893Estimated value (E)
1993-05357Estimated value (E)
1993-04960Estimated value (E)
1993-031134Estimated value (E)
1993-02827Estimated value (E)
1993-01924Estimated value (E)
1992-121353Estimated value (E)
1992-11908Estimated value (E)
1992-101435Estimated value (E)
1992-091107Estimated value (E)
1992-081494Estimated value (E)
1992-071167Estimated value (E)
1992-06684Estimated value (E)
1992-051063Estimated value (E)
1992-041400Estimated value (E)
1992-031232Estimated value (E)
1992-021382Estimated value (E)
1992-011444Estimated value (E)
1991-121118Estimated value (E)
1991-111196Estimated value (E)
1991-101408Estimated value (E)
1991-091466Estimated value (E)
1991-081403Estimated value (E)
1991-071027Estimated value (E)
1991-0646Estimated value (E)
1991-051252Estimated value (E)
1991-041508Estimated value (E)
1991-031512Estimated value (E)
1991-021735Estimated value (E)
1991-011820Estimated value (E)