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Series Level Information
Series Key BP6.M.N.LU.W1.S1.S1.T.B.IN1._Z._Z._Z.EUR._T._X.N
Title Primary income
Title Complement - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Luxembourg vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Balance (Credits minus Debits)- Primary income- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
Unit Millions of Euro
Dataset BP6 : Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6)

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CL_CONF_STATUS Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free (free for publication)
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Luxembourg vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Balance (Credits minus Debits)- Primary income- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
(Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6))
Period valueobs. status
2019-06-1639Estimated value (E)
2019-05-1779Estimated value (E)
2019-04-1721Estimated value (E)
2019-03-2652Estimated value (E)
2019-02-1078Estimated value (E)
2019-01-1030Estimated value (E)
2018-12-2412Estimated value (E)
2018-11-2042Estimated value (E)
2018-10-1674Estimated value (E)
2018-09-1330Estimated value (E)
2018-08-413Estimated value (E)
2018-07-1553Estimated value (E)
2018-06-974Estimated value (E)
2018-05-2621Estimated value (E)
2018-04-1954Estimated value (E)
2018-03-2074Estimated value (E)
2018-0244Estimated value (E)
2018-01-225Estimated value (E)
2017-12-2360Estimated value (E)
2017-11-1060Estimated value (E)
2017-10-1091Estimated value (E)
2017-09-1775Estimated value (E)
2017-08-606Estimated value (E)
2017-07-995Estimated value (E)
2017-06-640Estimated value (E)
2017-05-2219Estimated value (E)
2017-04-2411Estimated value (E)
2017-03-2266Estimated value (E)
2017-02-116Estimated value (E)
2017-01316Estimated value (E)
2016-12-2720Estimated value (E)
2016-11-1159Estimated value (E)
2016-10-1022Estimated value (E)
2016-09-1283Estimated value (E)
2016-08-206Estimated value (E)
2016-07-849Estimated value (E)
2016-06-740Estimated value (E)
2016-05-2638Estimated value (E)
2016-04-1854Estimated value (E)
2016-03-2054Estimated value (E)
2016-02-1236Estimated value (E)
2016-01-1139Estimated value (E)
2015-12-2473Estimated value (E)
2015-11-1285Estimated value (E)
2015-10-1015Estimated value (E)
2015-09-1501Estimated value (E)
2015-08-567Estimated value (E)
2015-07591Estimated value (E)
2015-06-958Estimated value (E)
2015-05-3117Estimated value (E)
2015-04-3275Estimated value (E)
2015-03-1476Estimated value (E)
2015-02-939Estimated value (E)
2015-01-1009Estimated value (E)
2014-12-1049Estimated value (E)
2014-11-1245Estimated value (E)
2014-10-1192Estimated value (E)
2014-09-134Estimated value (E)
2014-08-1155Estimated value (E)
2014-07-1327Estimated value (E)
2014-06-190Estimated value (E)
2014-05-530Estimated value (E)
2014-04-2697Estimated value (E)
2014-03-878Estimated value (E)
2014-02-1047Estimated value (E)
2014-01-2824Estimated value (E)
2013-12-451Estimated value (E)
2013-11-1029Estimated value (E)
2013-10-856Estimated value (E)
2013-09-459Estimated value (E)
2013-08-753Estimated value (E)
2013-07-863Estimated value (E)
2013-06123Estimated value (E)
2013-05-814Estimated value (E)
2013-04-2781Estimated value (E)
2013-03-1540Estimated value (E)
2013-02-582Estimated value (E)
2013-01-2376Estimated value (E)
2012-12-1352Estimated value (E)
2012-11-794Estimated value (E)
2012-10-766Estimated value (E)
2012-09-1018Estimated value (E)
2012-08-456Estimated value (E)
2012-07-406Estimated value (E)
2012-06-135Estimated value (E)
2012-05-1377Estimated value (E)
2012-04-3397Estimated value (E)
2012-03-562Estimated value (E)
2012-02-373Estimated value (E)
2012-01-428Estimated value (E)
2011-12-1054Estimated value (E)
2011-11-539Estimated value (E)
2011-10-681Estimated value (E)
2011-09-650Estimated value (E)
2011-08-651Estimated value (E)
2011-07-677Estimated value (E)
2011-06-1355Estimated value (E)
2011-0521Estimated value (E)
2011-04-1243Estimated value (E)
2011-03-1440Estimated value (E)
2011-02-335Estimated value (E)
2011-01-535Estimated value (E)
2010-12-1559Estimated value (E)
2010-11-572Estimated value (E)
2010-10-557Estimated value (E)
2010-09-857Estimated value (E)
2010-08-505Estimated value (E)
2010-07-611Estimated value (E)
2010-06-1696Estimated value (E)
2010-05281Estimated value (E)
2010-04-777Estimated value (E)
2010-03-986Estimated value (E)
2010-02-293Estimated value (E)
2010-01-467Estimated value (E)
2009-12-1364Estimated value (E)
2009-11-1202Estimated value (E)
2009-10-820Estimated value (E)
2009-09-831Estimated value (E)
2009-08-443Estimated value (E)
2009-07-413Estimated value (E)
2009-06-1821Estimated value (E)
2009-05754Estimated value (E)
2009-0428Estimated value (E)
2009-03-954Estimated value (E)
2009-02-548Estimated value (E)
2009-01-424Estimated value (E)
2008-12-1654Estimated value (E)
2008-11-576Estimated value (E)
2008-10-417Estimated value (E)
2008-09-1319Estimated value (E)
2008-08-490Estimated value (E)
2008-07-163Estimated value (E)
2008-06-1281Estimated value (E)
2008-05-803Estimated value (E)
2008-04-216Estimated value (E)
2008-03-1337Estimated value (E)
2008-02-572Estimated value (E)
2008-01-466Estimated value (E)
2007-12-1331Estimated value (E)
2007-11-338Estimated value (E)
2007-10-218Estimated value (E)
2007-09-888Estimated value (E)
2007-08-497Estimated value (E)
2007-07-449Estimated value (E)
2007-06-978Estimated value (E)
2007-05-603Estimated value (E)
2007-04-790Estimated value (E)
2007-03-1056Estimated value (E)
2007-02-449Estimated value (E)
2007-01-546Estimated value (E)
2006-12-913Estimated value (E)
2006-11-541Estimated value (E)
2006-10-349Estimated value (E)
2006-09-536Estimated value (E)
2006-08-251Estimated value (E)
2006-07-64Estimated value (E)
2006-06-372Estimated value (E)
2006-05-1250Estimated value (E)
2006-04-737Estimated value (E)
2006-03-691Estimated value (E)
2006-02-283Estimated value (E)
2006-01-315Estimated value (E)
2005-12-910Estimated value (E)
2005-11-207Estimated value (E)
2005-10-337Estimated value (E)
2005-09-220Estimated value (E)
2005-08-69Estimated value (E)
2005-07-73Estimated value (E)
2005-06-339Estimated value (E)
2005-05-632Estimated value (E)
2005-04-345Estimated value (E)
2005-03-451Estimated value (E)
2005-02-138Estimated value (E)
2005-01-59Estimated value (E)
2004-12-463Estimated value (E)
2004-11-184Estimated value (E)
2004-10-47Estimated value (E)
2004-09-294Estimated value (E)
2004-08-107Estimated value (E)
2004-07-27Estimated value (E)
2004-06-401Estimated value (E)
2004-05-628Estimated value (E)
2004-04-300Estimated value (E)
2004-03-251Estimated value (E)
2004-02-177Estimated value (E)
2004-01-136Estimated value (E)
2003-12-618Estimated value (E)
2003-11-236Estimated value (E)
2003-10-140Estimated value (E)
2003-09-281Estimated value (E)
2003-08-231Estimated value (E)
2003-07-337Estimated value (E)
2003-06-640Estimated value (E)
2003-05-722Estimated value (E)
2003-04-280Estimated value (E)
2003-03-477Estimated value (E)
2003-02-454Estimated value (E)
2003-01-289Estimated value (E)
2002-12-666Estimated value (E)
2002-11-247Estimated value (E)
2002-10-392Estimated value (E)
2002-09-352Estimated value (E)
2002-08-328Estimated value (E)
2002-07-160Estimated value (E)
2002-06-137Estimated value (E)
2002-05-223Estimated value (E)
2002-04-379Estimated value (E)
2002-03-418Estimated value (E)
2002-02-362Estimated value (E)
2002-01-273Estimated value (E)