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Selected Indicators for the Euro Area
Chart (annual percentage changes unless otherwise stated) Euro Area Reference Period
Inflation rate (HICP) 0.2 2016Jul
Monetary aggregate M3 5.0 2016Jun
GDP in prices of the previous year (economic growth) 1.6 2016Q2
Unit labour costs 0.9 2016Q1
Population (in millions) 338 2015
Unemployment rate (as a % of labour force) 10.1 2016Jun
Labour productivity 0.3 2016Q1
Current account balance (as a % of GDP) 2.34 2016Q1
US dollar / Euro exchange rate 1.1339 23 Aug 2016
Government deficit (-) / surplus (+) (as a % of GDP) -1.9 2016Q1
Government debt (as a % of GDP) 91.7 2016Q1
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Inflation rate (HICP)

Release Calendar for Euro Area Statistics (next 5 releases)
Release Date Indicator Reference Period
2016-08-26 Monetary developments in the euro area Jul-2016 / Q2 2016
2016-08-26 National balance sheet of euro area monetary financial institutions, excluding the Eurosystem Jul-2016 / Q2 2016
2016-08-31 Template on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity Jul-2016
2016-09-01 MFI interest rate statistics Jul-2016
2016-09-01 Publication of TARGET balances statistics Jul-2016
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