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Supervisory and prudential statistics

This part covers information on macroprudential and supervisory statistics.

Consolidated banking data

          Consolidated banking data |  Consolidated banking data (discontinued)

Macroprudential Database

         Macroeconomic and financial market variables

 Monetary indicators Macroeconomic indicators GDP indicators Foreign exchange indicators Financial market indicators Risk and uncertainty indicators Financial condition indicators Borrowing and lending indicators

         Debt and credit variables

 Total credit and debt service indicators Bank credit indicators Financial sector credit by sub-sector (whom-to-whom accounts) Cross border / currency / securities exposures Credit exposure of banks (FINREP data) Credit exposure of banks (COREP data) Credit conditions according to bank lending survey

         Residential real estate variables

 Mortgage debt and household balance sheet Mortgage loan features / credit standards House prices and house price valuation indicators Housing transactions and supply side

         Commercial real estate variables

 CRE market: risk indicators  Financial sector exposures to CRE

         Bank sector variables

 Banking structure Main elements of the P&L Profitability Main elements of the balance sheet  Liquidity and funding Lending and leverage Capital Asset quality Locational funding indicators

         Non-bank variables

 Insurance companies and pension funds Other financial institutions

         Interconnectedness variables

 Interconnectedness variables

Banking supervision

          Balance sheet composition and profitability |  Capital adequacy and leverage |  Asset quality |  Funding |  Liquidity