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Estimated MFI loans by economic activity

This section provides time series on loans granted by euro area monetary financial institutions (MFIs) to euro area non-financial corporations broken down by economic activity in accordance with NACE Rev. 2.

The dataset presents statistics on monetary financial institution (MFI) loans to euro area non-financial corporations, broken down by economic sector of activity in accordance with the NACE Rev. 2 classifications.

The ECB publishes euro area aggregates for ten different categories based on NACE sections or groups of NACE sections. These euro area aggregates are estimated from the national contributions to total MFI loans to non-financial corporations collected as part of the MFI balance sheet items (BSI) statistics, together with additional data provided by the national central banks.Data refer to outstanding amounts at the end of each quarter, with the time series beginning with the first quarter of 2003.

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For further information on the credit institutions and money market funds statistics, please access the documentation below:

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 Estimated MFI loans to NFCs by economic activity