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Money market funds

These statistics present the assets and liabilities of money market funds (MMF). MMFs are defined as collective investment undertakings of which the units are close substitutes for bank deposits in terms of liquidity. Furthermore, these funds primarily invest in money market instruments with a residual maturity up to one year, and/or in bank deposits. The dataset covers the euro area as a whole and euro area Member States.

Monetary financial institution (MFI) balance sheet items (BSI) statistics are compiled by the ECB and include monthly and quarterly data. The MFI sector includes central banks, credit institutions, money market funds (MMFs), and e-money institutions and deposit-taking corporations other than credit institutions that are covered under the MFI definition.

The data available in this section refer to quarterly data on credit institutions and money market funds (MMFs) for the euro area (in aggregate and national breakdowns). Data on the assets side of monetary financial institution (MFI) balance sheets include loans, holdings of debt securities, shares/units issued by MMFs and non-MMF investment funds, equity, external assets and remaining assets. Data on the liabilities side include deposits, debt securities issued, shares/units issued by MMFs, capital and reserves, external liabilities and remaining liabilities. The dataset includes quarterly data referring to the euro area as a whole, covering outstanding amounts, transactions and growth rates. Loans, holdings of debt securities and deposits vis-à-vis euro area counterparts are broken down by sector.

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