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Official reserve assets

The official reserve assets are assets denominated in foreign currency, readily available to and controlled by monetary authorities for meeting balance of payments financing needs, intervening in exchange markets to affect the currency exchange rate, and for other related purposes (such as maintaining confidence in the currency and the economy, and serving as a basis for foreign borrowing). They present a very comprehensive picture on a monthly basis of stocks at market price, transactions, foreign exchange and market revaluations and other changes in volume.

Monetary gold consists of gold bullion and unallocated gold accounts, presented in volume (fine troy ounces) and value (at market price).

Reserve position in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) consists of the reserves the country has given to the IMF, such as the reserve tranche and/or any loan to the IMF that is readily available to the member country.

The special drawing right (SDR) is an international reserve asset created by the IMF to supplement existing reserve assets that are periodically allocated to IMF members in proportion to their respective quotas. SDR holdings represent unconditional rights to obtain foreign exchange or other reserve assets from other IMF members. SDRs are not claims on the IMF. Rather, the membership of the SDR Department of the IMF incurs the asset or liability position.

Financial derivatives included under official reserve assets are financial instruments linked to another specific financial instrument, indicator or commodity through which specific financial risks (such as interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, equity and commodity price risks, and credit risk) can be traded in financial markets in their own right and that pertain to the management of reserve assets.

Other claims include loans to non-resident non-banks, long-term loans to an IMF Trust account and other financial assets not previously mentioned but that meet the reserve assets definition.