Dataset: DD – Derived Data

Data Structure Definition: Derived Data

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Cube dimensions and attributes
  Concept description Concept Codelist Usage on SDW portal
1. dimension Frequency FREQ CL_FREQ Frequency dimension: used in Dimension Filters on Data Selection, Data Table and Quick View pages.
2. dimension Reference area REF_AREA CL_AREA_EE Country codes: used in Georgraphic Area filters on Data Selection pages.
3. dimension Derived data economic concept DD_ECON_CONCEPT CL_DD_ECON_CONCEPT
4. dimension Derived data transformation DD_TRANSF CL_DD_TRANSF
5. dimension Derived data suffix DD_SUFFIX CL_DD_SUFFIX
Observation-level attribute Observation value OBS_VALUE
Observation-level attribute Observation status OBS_STATUS CL_OBS_STATUS Observation status: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Observation confidentiality OBS_CONF CL_OBS_CONF Observation confidentiality: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Pre-break observation value OBS_PRE_BREAK Observation pre-break value: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Observation comment OBS_COM Observation comment: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Time Series-level attribute BoP data collection basis BOP_BASIS CL_BOP_BASIS
Time Series-level attribute Breaks BREAKS
Time Series-level attribute Collection indicator COLLECTION CL_COLLECTION Collection attribute: used on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages, displayed on the Metadata page.
Time Series-level attribute Compiling organisation COMPILING_ORG CL_ORGANISATION
Time Series-level attribute Data dissemination organisation DISS_ORG CL_ORGANISATION
Time Series-level attribute Domestic series ids DOM_SER_IDS
Time Series-level attribute Source publication (ECB only) PUBL_ECB
Time Series-level attribute Source publication (Euro area only) PUBL_MU
Time Series-level attribute Source publication (public) PUBL_PUBLIC
Time Series-level attribute Unit index base UNIT_INDEX_BASE Unit index base: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quick View pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
Sibling-level attribute Aggregation equations AGG_EQUN
Sibling-level attribute Compilation COMPILATION
Sibling-level attribute Decimals DECIMALS CL_DECIMALS Number of decimals: used on the Data Table and Quick View pages.
Sibling-level attribute Source agency SOURCE_AGENCY CL_ORGANISATION Source Agency: displayed on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages.
Sibling-level attribute Title TITLE Short title: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Sibling-level attribute Title complement TITLE_COMPL Long title/description: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Sibling-level attribute Unit UNIT CL_UNIT Unit: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quickview pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
Sibling-level attribute Unit multiplier UNIT_MULT CL_UNIT_MULT Unit Multiplier: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quick View pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.

Code List Description

Code Code Description
0 Markit
1 Haver
10 Verband Deutscher Pfandbriefbanken
11 Bulwiengesa AG
12 Hypoport AG
13 Colliers International
15 Cushman & Wakefield
16 Knight Frank
17 Jones Lang LaSalle
18 PONT Info - Nieruchomosci
19 CBRE Group
1A0 International organisations
1B0 UN organisations
1C0 International Monetary Fund (IMF)
1D0 World Trade Organisation
1E0 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
1F0 International Development Association
1G0 Other UN Organisations (includes 1H, 1J-1T)
1H0 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation)
1J0 FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation)
1K0 WHO (World Health Organisation)
1L0 IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)
1M0 IFC (International Finance Corporation)
1N0 MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency)
1O0 UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund)
1P0 UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
1Q0 UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine)
1R0 IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
1S0 ILO (International Labour Organisation)
1T0 ITU (International Telecommunication Union)
1U0 UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)
1V0 Universal Postal Union
1W0 World Bank
1Z0 Rest of UN Organisations n.i.e.
2 Refinitiv
21 Sekocenbud
22 BIK (Credit Information Bureau)
23 Pangea Property Partners KB
24 Strateg
25 United Classifieds, Ltd.
26 Datalan, Inc.
27 Realitna Unia SR
29 Confidencial Imobiliario
3 Bloomberg Finance L.P.
31 Nomisma Spa
32 RE/MAX Austria
33 Permanent TSB
34 Conference Board, USA
4 Consensus
4A0 European Community Institutions, Organs and Organisms
4B0 EMS (European Monetary System)
4C0 European Investment Bank
4D0 Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat)
4D1 European Commission (including Eurostat)
4E0 European Development Fund
4F0 European Central Bank (ECB)
4F5 D-Internal Finance
4F8 DG-E, ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF)
4G0 EIF (European Investment Fund)
4H0 European Community of Steel and Coal
4I0 Neighbourhood Investment Facility
4J0 Other EC Institutions, Organs and Organisms covered by General budget
4J10 European Parliament
4J20 Council of the European Union
4J30 Court of Justice
4J40 Court of Auditors
4J50 European Council
4J60 Economic and Social Committee
4J70 Committee of Regions
4J80 Other European Community Institutions, Organs and Organisms
4J810 Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
4J8100 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
4J8110 European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
4J8120 European Chemicals Agency
4J8130 European Data Protection Supervisor
4J8140 European Defence Agency
4J8150 European Environment Agency
4J8160 European External Action Service
4J8170 European Fisheries Control Agency
4J8180 European Food Safety Authority
4J8190 European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
4J820 Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications
4J8200 European GNSS Agency
4J8210 European Institute for Gender Equality
4J8220 European Institute of Innovation and Technology
4J8230 European Maritime Safety Agency
4J8240 European Medicines Agency
4J8250 European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
4J8260 European Network and Information Security Agency
4J8270 European Ombudsman
4J8280 European Personnel Selection Office
4J8290 European Police College
4J830 Community Plant Variety Office
4J8300 European Police Office
4J8310 European Public Prosecutor`s Office (in preparation)
4J8320 European Railway Agency
4J8330 European School of Administration
4J8340 European Training Foundation
4J8350 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
4J8360 European Union Institute for Security Studies
4J8370 European Union Intellectual Property Office
4J8380 European Union Satellite Centre
4J8390 Publications Office of the European Union
4J840 Computer Emergency Response Team
4J8400 The European Union` s Judicial Cooperation Unit
4J8410 Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union
4J8420 ATHENA Mechanism
4J850 European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
4J860 European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders
4J870 European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice
4J880 European Asylum Support Office
4J890 European Aviation Safety Agency
4M0 SRB (Single Resolution Board)
4S0 European Stability Mechanism (ESM)
4T0 Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs)
4T1 European Banking Agency (EBA, European Supervisory Authority)
4T10 EBA (European Banking Authority)
4T2 European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA, European Supervisory Authority)
4T20 ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority)
4T3 European Securities and Markets Agency (ESMA, European Supervisory Authority)
4T30 EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority)
4V0 FEMIP (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership)
4W0 EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility)
4Y0 All European Community Institutions, Organs and Organisms, including ECB, ESM and EFSF
4Z0 Other European Community Institutions, Organs and Organisms
4Z1 ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association)
5 Dow Jones
5A0 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
5B0 Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
5C0 Inter-American Development Bank
5D0 African Development Bank
5E0 Asian Development Bank
5F0 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
5G0 IIC (Inter-American Investment Corporation)
5H0 NIB (Nordic Investment Bank)
5I0 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)
5J0 IBEC (International Bank for Economic Co-operation)
5K0 IIB (International Investment Bank)
5L0 CDB (Caribbean Development Bank)
5M0 AMF (Arab Monetary Fund)
5N0 BADEA (Banque arabe pour le developpement economique en Afrique)
5O0 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO)
5P0 CASDB (Central African States Development Bank)
5Q0 African Development Fund
5R0 Asian Development Fund
5S0 Fonds special unifie de developpement
5T0 CABEI (Central American Bank for Economic Integration)
5U0 ADC (Andean Development Corporation)
5V0 Other International Organisations (financial institutions)
5W0 Banque des Etats de l`Afrique Centrale (BEAC)
5X0 Communaute economique et Monetaire de l`Afrique Centrale (CEMAC)
5Y0 Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU)
5Z0 Other International Financial Organisations n.i.e.
5Z10 Africa Finance Corporation
5Z100 International Civil Aviation Organisation
5Z110 International Cocoa Organisation
5Z120 International Coffee Organisation
5Z130 International Copper Study Group
5Z140 International Cotton Advisory Committee
5Z150 International Grains Council
5Z160 International Jute Study Group
5Z170 International Lead and Zinc Study Group
5Z180 International Maritime Organisation
5Z190 International Maritime Satellite Organisation
5Z20 African Development Bank Group
5Z200 International Olive Oil Council
5Z210 International Rubber Study Group
5Z220 International Sugar Organisation
5Z230 Latin American and the Caribbean Economic System
5Z240 Latin American Energy Organisation
5Z250 Latin American Integration Association
5Z260 League of Arab States
5Z270 Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
5Z280 Organisation of American States
5Z290 Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
5Z30 Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
5Z300 Organisation of Central American States
5Z310 Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
5Z330 South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
5Z340 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
5Z350 West African Economic Community
5Z360 West African Health Organisation
5Z370 West African Monetary Agency
5Z380 West African Monetary Institute
5Z390 World Council of Churches
5Z40 Asian Clearing Union
5Z400 World Intellectual Property Organisation
5Z410 World Meteorological Organisation
5Z420 World Tourism Organisation
5Z50 Colombo Plan
5Z60 Economic Community of West African States
5Z70 European Free Trade Association
5Z80 Fusion for Energy
5Z90 Intergovernmental Council of Copper Exporting Countries
6 Factiva
6A0 Other International Organisations (non-financial institutions)
6A10 African Union
6A20 Association of Southeast Asian Nations
6A30 Caribbean Community and Common Market
6A40 Central American Common Market
6A50 East African Development Bank
6A60 ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development
6A70 Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions
6A80 OPEC Fund for International Development
6B0 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)
6C0 Council of Europe
6D0 ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)
6E0 ESA (European Space Agency)
6F0 EPO (European Patent Office)
6G0 EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation)
6H0 EUTELSAT (European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation)
6I0 EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)
6J0 ITSO (International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation)
6K0 EBU/UER (European Broadcasting Union/Union europeenne de radio-television)
6L0 EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites)
6M0 ESO (European Southern Observatory)
6N0 ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)
6O0 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
6P0 CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research)
6Q0 IOM (International Organisation for Migration)
6R0 Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
6S0 Eurasian Development Bank (EDB)
6T0 Paris Club Creditor Institutions
6Z0 Other International Non-Financial Organisations n.i.e.
6Z10 The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
7A0 WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union)
7B0 IDB (Islamic Development Bank)
7C0 EDB (Eurasian Development Bank )
7D0 Paris Club Creditor Institutions
7E0 CEB (Council of Europe Development Bank)
7F0 International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers
7G0 Black Sea Trade and Development Banks
7H0 AFREXIMBANK (African Export-Import Bank)
7I0 BLADEX (Banco Latino Americano De Comercio Exterior)
7J0 FLAR (Fondo Latino Americano de Reservas)
7K0 Fonds Belgo-Congolais d Amortissement et de Gestion
7L0 IFFIm (International finance Facility for Immunisation)
7M0 EUROFIMA (European Company for the Financing of Railroad Rolling Stock)
7N0 Development Bank of Latin America (Banco de Desarrollo de America Latina)
7O0 The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank
7Z0 International Organisations excl. European Community Institutions (4A)
8 Real Capital Analytics
8A0 International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers
9A0 International Organisations excl. European Community Institutions (4Y)
AD2 Andorra Finance institute
AE1 Central Statistical Organization, part of the Ministry of Economy and Planning (United Arab Emirates)
AE2 Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates
AE4 Ministry of Finance and Industry (United Arab Emirates)
AF2 Da Afghanistan Bank
AF4 Ministry of Finance (Afghanistan, Islamic State of)
AG2 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) (Antigua and Barbuda)
AG4 Ministry of Finance (Antigua and Barbuda)
AI1 Central Statistical Office (Anguilla)
AI4 Ministry of Finance (Anguilla)
AI99 Other competent National Authority (Anguilla)
AL1 Institution of Statistics (Albania)
AL2 Bank of Albania
AL4 Ministere des Finances (Albania)
AM1 State National Statistics Service (Armenia)
AM2 Central Bank of Armenia
AM4 Ministry of Finance and Economy (Armenia)
AM99 Other competent National Authority (Armenia, Republic of)
AN1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Netherlands Antilles)
AN2 Bank of the Netherlands Antilles
AN99 Other competent National Authority (Netherlands Antilles)
AO1 National Institute of Statistics (Angola)
AO2 Banco Nacional de Angola
AO4 Ministerio das Financas (Angola)
AR1 Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos (Argentina)
AR2 Banco Central de la Republica Argentina
AR4 Ministerio de Economia (Argentina)
AR99 Other competent National Authority (Argentina)
AT1 Statistik Osterreich (Austria)
AT2 Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austria)
AT6 FMA (Austria Financial Market Authority)
AT99 Other competent National Authority (Austria)
AU1 Australian Bureau of Statistics
AU2 Reserve Bank of Australia
AU3 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
AU5 Department of the Treasury (Australia)
AU99 Other competent National Authority (Australia)
AW1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Aruba)
AW2 Centrale Bank van Aruba
AW99 Other competent National Authority (Aruba)
AZ1 State Statistics Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic
AZ2 National Bank of Azerbaijan
AZ4 Ministry of Finance (Azerbaijan)
AZ99 Other competent National Authority (Azerbaijan, Republic of)
B22 EU 15 central banks
B32 EU 25 central banks
B42 EU 27 central banks
B52 EU 28 central banks
B62 EU27 central banks [fixed composition) as of 31 January 2020 (brexit)
BA1 Institute of Statistics (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
BA2 Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
BA4 Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Finance and Treasury
BA99 Other competent National Authority (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
BB1 Barbados Statistical Service
BB2 Central Bank of Barbados
BB4 Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (Barbados)
BB99 Other competent National Authority (Barbados)
BD1 Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
BD2 Bangladesh Bank
BD4 Ministry of Finance (Bangladesh)
BE1 Institut National de Statistiques de Belgique (Belgium)
BE2 Banque Nationale de Belgique (Belgium)
BE3 Federal Public Service Finance (Belgium)
BE40 Federal Planning Bureau
BE99 Other competent National Authority (Belgium)
BF2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Burkina Faso)
BF4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (Burkina Faso)
BG1 National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria
BG2 Bulgarian National Bank
BG3 Prime Ministers Office (Bulgaria)
BG4 Ministry of Finance (Bulgaria)
BG99 Other competent National Authority (Bulgaria)
BH1 Directorate of Statistics (Bahrain)
BH2 Bahrain Monetary Authority
BH4 Ministry of Finance and National Economy (Bahrain)
BH99 Other competent National Authority (Bahrain, Kingdom of)
BI2 Banque de la Republique du Burundi
BI3 Ministere du Plan (Burundi)
BI4 Ministere des finances (Burundi)
BJ1 Institut National de la Statistique et de l`Analyse Economique (Benin)
BJ2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Benin)
BJ4 Ministere des Finances (Benin)
BJ99 Other competent National Authority (Benin)
BM1 Bermuda Government - Department of Statistics
BM2 Bermuda Monetary Authority
BM99 Other competent National Authority (Bermuda)
BN1 Department of Statistics (Brunei Darussalam)
BN2 Brunei Currency and Monetary Board (BCMB)
BN3 Department of Economic Planning and Development (DEPD) (Brunei Darussalam)
BN4 Ministry of Finance (Brunei Darussalam)
BN99 Other competent National Authority (Brunei Darussalam)
BO1 Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (Bolivia)
BO2 Banco Central de Bolivia
BO3 Secretaria Nacional de Hacienda (Bolivia)
BO4 Ministerio de Hacienda (Bolivia)
BO99 Other competent National Authority (Bolivia)
BR1 Brazilian Institute of Statistics and Geography (IBGE) (Brazil)
BR2 Banco Central do Brasil
BR3 Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Secretariat of Foreign Commerce (SECEX) (Brazil)
BR4 Ministerio da Fazenda (Brazil)
BS1 Department of Statistics (Bahamas)
BS2 The Central Bank of the Bahamas
BS4 Ministry of Finance (Bahamas)
BS99 Other competent National Authority (Bahamas, The)
BT1 Central Statistical Office (Bhutan)
BT2 Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
BT4 Ministry of Finance (Bhutan)
BW1 Central Statistics Office (Botswana)
BW2 Bank of Botswana
BW3 Department of Customs and Excise (Botswana)
BW4 Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (Botswana)
BY1 Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of the Republic of Belarus
BY2 National Bank of Belarus
BY4 Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus
BY99 Other competent National Authority (Belarus)
BZ1 Central Statistical Office (Belize)
BZ2 Central Bank of Belize
BZ3 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Belize)
BZ4 Ministry of Finance (Belize)
BZ99 Other competent National Authority (Belize)
C992 Central banks of the new EU Member States 2004 (CY,CZ,EE,HU,LV,LT,MT,PL,SK,SI)
CA1 Statistics Canada
CA2 Bank of Canada
CA99 Other competent National Authority (Canada)
CD1 Institute National de la Statistique (Congo, Dem. Rep. of)
CD2 Banque Centrale du Congo (Congo, Dem. Rep. of)
CD4 Ministry of Finance and Budget (Congo, Dem. Rep. of)
CD5 National Office of Research and Development (Congo, Dem. Rep. of)
CD99 Other competent National Authority (Congo, Democratic Republic of)
CF2 Banque des Etats de l`Afrique Centrale (BEAC) (Central African Republic)
CF3 Presidence de la Republique (Central African Republic)
CF4 Ministere des Finances, du Plan et de la Cooperation International (Central African Republic)
CG1 Centre National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (CNSEE) (Congo, Rep of)
CG2 Banque des Etats de l`Afrique Centrale (BEAC) (Congo, Rep. of)
CG4 Ministere de l`economie, des finances et du budget (Congo, Rep of)
CG99 Other competent National Authority (Congo, Republic of)
CH1 Swiss Federal Statistical Office
CH2 Schweizerische Nationalbank (Switzerland)
CH3 Direction generale des douanes (Switzerland)
CH4 Swiss Federal Finance Administration (Switzerland)
CH99 Other competent National Authority (Switzerland)
CI2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Cote d`Ivoire)
CI4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (Cote d`Ivoire)
CK1 Cook Islands Statistics Office
CK4 Cook Islands Ministry of Finance
CL2 Banco Central de Chile
CL4 Ministerio de Hacienda (Chile)
CM2 Banque des Etats de l`Afrique Centrale (BEAC) (Cameroon)
CM3 Ministere du Plan et de l`Amenagement du Territoire (Cameroon)
CM4 Ministere de l`economie et des finances (Cameroon)
CN1 State National Bureau of Statistics (China, P.R. Mainland)
CN2 The Peoples Bank of China
CN3 State Administration of Foreign Exchange (China, P.R. Mainland)
CN4 Ministry of Finance (China, P.R. Mainland)
CN5 General Administration of Customs (China, P.R. Mainland)
CN99 Other competent National Authority (China, P.R., Mainland)
CO1 Centro Administrativo Nacional (Colombia)
CO2 Banco de la Republica (Colombia)
CO4 Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito Publico (Colombia)
CO99 Other competent National Authority (Colombia)
CR1 Statistical office of Costa Rica
CR2 Banco Central de Costa Rica
CR4 Ministerio de Hacienda (Costa Rica)
CS1 Federal Statistical Office (Serbia and Montenegro)
CS2 National Bank of Serbia and Montenegro
CS4 Federal Ministry of Finance (Serbia and Montenegro)
CS99 Other competent National Authority (Serbia and Montenegro)
CU1 Oficina National de Estadisticas (Cuba)
CU2 Banco Central de Cuba
CU99 Other competent National Authority (Cuba)
CV1 Instituto Nacional de Estatistica (Cape Verde)
CV2 Banco de Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)
CV3 Ministere de la coordination economique (Cape Verde)
CV4 Ministerio das Financas (Cape Verde)
CV99 Other competent National Authority (Cape Verde)
CW1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Curacao)
CW2 Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten
CW99 Other competent National Authority (Curacao)
CY1 Cyprus, Department of Statistics and Research (Ministry of Finance)
CY2 Central Bank of Cyprus
CY4 Ministry of Finance (Cyprus)
CY99 Other competent National Authority (Cyprus)
CZ1 Czech Statistical Office
CZ2 Czech National Bank
CZ3 Ministry of Transport and Communications/Transport Policy (Czech Republic)
CZ4 Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
CZ99 Other competent National Authority (Czech Republic)
D22 EU 15 central banks
D32 EU 25 central banks
D82 Central banks of the new EU Member States 2004 (CY,CZ,EE,HU,LV,LT,MT,PL,SK,SI)
DE1 Statistisches Bundesamt (Germany)
DE2 Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany)
DE3 Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Germany)
DE4 Bundesministerium der Finanzen (Germany)
DE6 BAFIN (Germany Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)
DE8 IFO Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung (Germany)
DE9 Zentrum fur Europaische Wirtschaftsforschnung (ZEW, Germany)
DE99 Other competent National Authority (Germany)
DJ1 Direction Nationale de la Statistique (National Department of Statistics) (Djibouti)
DJ2 Banque Nationale de Djibouti
DJ3 Tresor National (Djibouti)
DJ4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (Djibouti)
DK1 Danmarks Statistik (Denmark)
DK2 Danmarks Nationalbank (Denmark)
DK98 Danish Civil Aviation Administration
DK99 Other competent National Authority (Denmark)
DM1 Central Statistical Office (Dominica)
DM2 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) (Dominica)
DM4 Ministry of Finance (Dominica)
DM99 Other competent National Authority (Dominica)
DO2 Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana
DZ1 Office National des Statistiques (Algeria)
DZ2 Banque d`Algerie
DZ4 Ministere des Finances (Algeria)
DZ99 Other competent National Authority (Algeria)
EC1 Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos (Ecuador)
EC2 Banco Central del Ecuador
EC4 Ministerio de Finanzas y Credito Publico (Ecuador)
EC99 Other competent National Authority (Ecuador)
EE1 Estonia, State Statistical Office
EE2 Bank of Estonia
EE4 Ministry of Finance (Estonia)
EE99 Other competent National Authority (Estonia)
EG1 Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Stats. (Egypt)
EG2 Central Bank of Egypt
EG4 Ministry of Finance (Egypt)
EG99 Other competent National Authority (Egypt)
ER2 Bank of Eritrea
ER4 Ministry of Finance (Eritrea)
ES1 Instituto Nacional de Statistica (Spain)
ES2 Banco de Espana (Spain)
ES3 Departamento de Aduanas (Spain)
ES4 Ministerio de Economia y Hacienda (Spain)
ES5 Ministerio de Industria, Tourismo y Comerco (Spain)
ES8 Colegio de Registradores (de Ministerio de Justicia) (Spain)
ES97 Puertos del Estado/Portel Spain
ES98 Ministerio de Fomento - AENA
ES99 Other competent National Authority (Spain)
ET2 National Bank of Ethiopia
ET3 Customs and Excise Administration (Ethiopia)
ET4 Ministry of Finance (Ethiopia)
FI1 Statistics Finland (Finland)
FI2 Bank of Finland (Finland)
FI3 National Board of Customs (Finland)
FI4 Ministry of Finance ((Finland)
FI97 Finnish Maritime Administration
FI98 Finavia(Civil Aviation Administration)
FI99 Other competent National Authority (Finland)
FJ1 Bureau of Statistics (Fiji)
FJ2 Reserve Bank of Fiji
FJ4 Ministry of Finance and National Planning (Fiji)
FJ99 Other competent National Authority (Fiji)
FM1 Office of Planning and Statistics (Micronesia, Federated States of)
FM2 Federal States of Micronesia Banking Board (Micronesia, Federated States of)
FM99 Other competent National Authority (Micronesia, Federated States of)
FR1 Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques - INSEE (France)
FR2 Banque de France (France)
FR3 Ministere de l Equipement, des Transports et du Logement (France)
FR4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (France)
FR5 Direction generale des douanes (France)
FR6 National Council of Credit (France)
FR97 DTMPL France
FR98 DGAC(Direction General de l`Aviation Civil)
FR99 Other competent National Authority (France)
GA2 Banque des Etats de l`Afrique Centrale (BEAC) (Gabon)
GA3 Ministere du Plan (Gabon)
GA4 Ministry of Economy, Finance and Privatization (Gabon)
GA5 Tresorier-Payeur General du Gabon
GB1 Office for National Statistics (United Kingdom)
GB2 Bank of England (United Kingdom)
GB3 Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (United Kingdom)
GB4 Department of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom)
GB9 Markit (United Kingdom)
GB98 CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)
GB99 Other competent National Authority (United Kingdom)
GD2 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) (Grenada)
GD4 Ministry of Finance (Grenada)
GE1 State Department for Statistics of Georgia
GE2 National Bank of Georgia
GE4 Ministry of Finance (Georgia)
GE99 Other competent National Authority (Georgia)
GF1 Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques - INSEE - Service regional (Guiana, French)
GF99 Other competent National Authority (Guiana, French)
GG6 Financial Services Commission, Guernsey (GG)
GH1 Ghana Statistical Service
GH2 Bank of Ghana
GH4 Ministry of Finance (Ghana)
GH99 Other competent National Authority (Ghana)
GM1 Central Statistics Division (Gambia)
GM2 Central Bank of The Gambia
GM4 Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (Gambia)
GN1 Service de la Statistique generale et de la Mecanographie (Guinea)
GN2 Banque Centrale de la Republique de Guinee
GN4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (Guinea)
GN99 Other competent National Authority (Guinea)
GP1 Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques - INSEE -Service regional (Guadeloupe)
GP99 Other competent National Authority (Guadeloupe)
GQ2 Banque des Etats de l`Afrique Centrale (BEAC) (Equatorial Guinea)
GQ4 Ministerio de Economia y Hacienda (Equatorial Guinea)
GR1 National Statistical Service of Greece (Greece)
GR2 Bank of Greece (Greece)
GR4 Ministry of Economy and Finance (Greece)
GR98 Civil Aviation Authority
GR99 Other competent National Authority (Greece)
GT1 Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (Guatemala)
GT2 Banco de Guatemala
GT4 Ministerio de Finanzas Publicas (Guatemala)
GT99 Other competent National Authority (Guatemala)
GU1 Guam Bureau of Statistics
GW2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Guinea-Bissau)
GW4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (Guinea-Bissau)
GY1 Statistical Bureau / Ministry of Planning (Guyana)
GY2 Bank of Guyana
GY4 Ministry of Finance (Guyana)
GY99 Other competent National Authority (Guyana)
HK1 Census and Statistics Department (China, P.R. Hong Kong)
HK2 Hong Kong Monetary Authority
HK4 Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (Treasury) (China, P.R. Hong Kong)
HK99 Other competent National Authority (Hong Kong)
HN1 Direccion General de Censos y Estadisticas (Honduras)
HN2 Banco Central de Honduras
HN4 Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito Publico (Honduras)
HN99 Other competent National Authority (Honduras)
HR1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Croatia)
HR2 Croatian National Bank
HR4 Ministry of Finance (Croatia)
HR99 Other competent National Authority (Croatia)
HT1 Institut Haitien de Statistique et d`Informatique (Haiti)
HT2 Banque de la Republique dHaiti
HT4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (Haiti)
HT99 Other competent National Authority (Haiti)
HU1 Hungarian Central Statistical Office
HU2 National Bank of Hungary
HU4 Ministry of Finance (Hungary)
HU99 Other competent National Authority (Hungary)
I22 Euro area 12 central banks
I32 Euro area 13 central banks
I42 Euro area 15 central banks
I52 Euro area 16 central banks
I62 Euro area 17 central banks
I72 Euro area 18 central banks
I82 Euro area 19 central banks
ID1 BPS-Statistics Indonesia
ID2 Bank Indonesia
ID4 Ministry of Finance (Indonesia)
ID99 Other competent National Authority (Indonesia)
IE1 Central Statistical Office (Ireland)
IE2 Central Bank of Ireland (Ireland)
IE3 The Office of the Revenue Commissioners (Ireland)
IE4 Department of Finance (Ireland)
IE99 Other competent National Authority (Ireland)
IL1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel)
IL2 Bank of Israel
IL99 Other competent National Authority (Israel)
IM6 Financial Supervision Commission, Isle of Man (IM)
IN1 Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, CSO (India)
IN2 Reserve Bank of India
IN4 Ministry of Finance (India)
IN99 Other competent National Authority (India)
IQ2 Central Bank of Iraq
IQ4 Ministry of Finance (Iraq)
IR2 The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
IS1 Statistics Iceland
IS2 Central Bank of Iceland
IS98 Civil Aviation Administration
IS99 Other competent National Authority (Iceland)
IT1 Instituto Nazionale di Statistica - ISTAT (Italy)
IT2 Banca d` Italia (Italy)
IT3 Ufficio Italiano dei Cambi (Italy)
IT4 Ministerio de Tesore (Italy)
IT9 Instituto di Studi e Analisi Economica (Italy)
IT99 Other competent National Authority (Italy)
JE6 Financial Services Commission, Jersey (JE)
JM1 Statistical Institute of Jamaica
JM2 Bank of Jamaica
JM4 Ministry of Finance and Planning (Jamaica)
JM99 Other competent National Authority (Jamaica)
JO1 Department of Statistics (Jordon)
JO2 Central Bank of Jordan
JO4 Ministry of Finance (Jordon)
JO99 Other competent National Authority (Jordan)
JP1 Bureau of Statistics (Japan)
JP2 Bank of Japan
JP4 Ministry of Finance (Japan)
JP6 Financial Services Agency (Japan)
KE1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Kenya)
KE2 Central Bank of Kenya
KE3 Ministry of Planning and National Development (Kenya)
KE4 Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Finance (Kenya)
KE99 Other competent National Authority (Kenya)
KG1 National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic
KG2 National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
KG4 Ministry of Finance (Kyrgyz Republic)
KG99 Other competent National Authority (Kyrgyz Republic)
KH1 National Institute of Statistics (Cambodia)
KH2 National Bank of Cambodia
KH4 Ministere de l`economie et des finances (Cambodia)
KI2 Bank of Kiribati, Ltd
KI4 Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (Kiribati)
KM2 Banque Centrale des Comoros
KM4 Ministere des Finances, du budget et du plan (Comoros)
KN1 Statistical Office (St. Kitts and Nevis)
KN2 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) (St. Kitts and Nevis)
KN4 Ministry of Finance (St. Kitts and Nevis)
KR1 Korea National Statistical Office (KNSO)
KR2 The Bank of Korea
KR3 Economic Planning Board (Korea, Republic of)
KR4 Ministry of Finance and Economy (Korea, Republic of)
KW1 Statistics and Information Technology Sector (Kuwait)
KW2 Central Bank of Kuwait
KW4 Ministry of Finance (Kuwait)
KW99 Other competent National Authority (Kuwait)
KY1 Department of Finance and Development / Statistical Office (Cayman Islands)
KY2 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
KY99 Other competent National Authority (Cayman Islands)
KZ1 National Statistical Agency / Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan
KZ2 National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
KZ4 Ministry of Finance (Kazakhstan)
KZ99 Other competent National Authority (Kazakhstan)
LA2 Bank of the Lao P.D.R.
LA4 Ministry of Finance (Lao Peoples Democratic Republic)
LB1 Central Administration of Statistics (Lebanon)
LB2 Banque du Liban (Lebanon)
LB4 Ministere des finances (Lebanon)
LB99 Other competent National Authority (Lebanon)
LC1 Statistical Office (St. Lucia)
LC2 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) (St. Lucia)
LC4 Ministry of Finance, International Financial Services and Economic Affairs (St. Lucia)
LI1 Amt fur Volkswirtschaft
LI99 Other competent National Authority (Liechtenstein)
LK2 Central Bank of Sri Lanka
LR1 Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs (Liberia)
LR2 Central Bank of Liberia
LR4 Ministry of Finance (Liberia)
LR99 Other competent National Authority (Liberia)
LS1 Bureau of Statistics (Lesotho)
LS2 Central Bank of Lesotho
LS4 Ministry of Finance (Lesotho)
LT1 Lithuania, Department of Statistics
LT2 Bank of Lithuania
LT4 Ministry of Finance (Lithuania)
LT99 Other competent National Authority (Lithuania)
LU1 STATEC - Service central de la statistique et des etudes economiques du Luxembourg
LU2 Banque centrale du Luxembourg
LU6 CSSF (Luxembourg Financial Sector Surveillance Commission)
LU99 Other competent National Authority (Luxembourg)
LV1 Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
LV2 Bank of Latvia
LV3 The Treasury of the Republic of Latvia
LV6 FCMC (Latvia Financial and Capital Market Commission)
LV99 Other competent National Authority (Latvia)
LY1 The National Corporation for Information and Documentation (Libya)
LY2 Central Bank of Libya
LY3 General Peoples Secretariat of the Treasury (Libya)
LY4 General Directorate for Economic and Social Planning (Libya)
LY5 The National Corporation for Information and Documentation (Libya)
LY99 Other competent National Authority (Libya)
MA1 Ministere de la Prevision Economique et du Plan (Morocco)
MA2 Bank Al-Maghrib (Morocco)
MA4 Ministere de l`Economie, des Finances, de la Privatisation et du Tourisme (Morocco)
MA5 Office des Changes (Morocco)
MA99 Other competent National Authority (Morocco)
MC1 Statistical Office (Monaco)
MC2 Monaco National Central Bank
MC99 Other competent National Authority (Monaco)
MD1 State Depart. of Statist. of the Rep. of Moldova
MD2 National Bank of Moldova
MD4 Ministry of Finance (Moldova)
MD99 Other competent National Authority (Moldova)
ME1 Statistical Office (Montenegro)
ME2 Central Bank of Montenegro
MG1 INSTAT/Exchanges Commerciaux et des Services (Madagascar)
MG2 Banque Centrale de Madagascar
MG4 Ministere des finances de l`Economie (Madagascar)
MG99 Other competent National Authority (Madagascar)
MH4 Ministry of Finance (Marshall Islands, Rep)
MK1 State Statistical Office (Macedonia)
MK2 National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
MK4 Ministry of Finance (Macedonia)
MK99 Other competent National Authority (Macedonia, FYR)
ML1 Direction Nationale de la Statistique et de l`Informatique (DNSI) (Mali)
ML2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Mali)
ML4 Ministere des Finances et du Commerce (Mali)
ML99 Other competent National Authority (Mali)
MM1 Central Statistical Organization (Myanmar)
MM2 Central Bank of Myanmar
MM4 Ministry of Finance and Revenue (Myanmar)
MM99 Other competent National Authority (Myanmar)
MN1 National Statistical Office (Mongolia)
MN2 Bank of Mongolia
MN4 Ministry of Finance and Economy (Mongolia)
MN99 Other competent National Authority (Mongolia)
MO1 Statistics and Census Department (China, P.R. Macao)
MO2 Monetary Authority of Macau (China, P.R. Macao)
MO3 Revenue Bureau of Macao
MO4 Departamento de Estudos e Planeamento Financeiro (China, P.R. Macao)
MO99 Other competent National Authority (China,P.R., Macao)
MQ1 Department of Statistics (Martinique)
MQ99 Other competent National Authority (Martinique)
MR1 Department of Statistics and Economic Studies (Mauritania)
MR2 Banque Centrale de Mauritanie
MR3 Ministere du Plan (Mauritania)
MR4 Ministere des Finances (Mauritania)
MT1 Malta - Central Office of Statistics
MT2 Central Bank of Malta
MT4 Ministry of Finance (Malta)
MT6 MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority)
MT97 Malta Maritime Authority
MT98 Malta International Airport
MT99 Other competent National Authority (Malta)
MU1 Central Statistical Office (Mauritius)
MU2 Bank of Mauritius
MU99 Other competent National Authority (Mauritius)
MV2 Maldives Monetary Authority (Maldives)
MV3 Ministry of Planning and Development (Maldives)
MV4 Ministry of Finance and Treasury (Maldives)
MW1 National Statistical Office (Malawi)
MW2 Reserve Bank of Malawi
MW4 Ministry of Finance (Malawi)
MW99 Other competent National Authority (Malawi)
MX1 Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas (INEGI) (Mexico)
MX2 Banco de Mexico
MX4 Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico (Mexico)
MX99 Other competent National Authority (Mexico)
MY1 Department of Statistics Malaysia
MY2 Bank Negara Malaysia
MY99 Other competent National Authority (Malaysia)
MZ1 Direccao Nacional de Estatistica (Mozambique)
MZ2 Banco de Mocambique
MZ4 Ministry of Planning and Finance (Mozambique)
MZ99 Other competent National Authority (Mozambique)
NA1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Namibia)
NA2 Bank of Namibia
NA4 Ministry of Finance (Namibia)
NC1 Institut Territorial de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (New Caledonia)
NC99 Other competent National Authority (French Territories, New Caledonia)
NE2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Niger)
NE3 Ministere du Plan (Niger)
NE4 Ministere des Finances (Niger)
NG1 Federal Office of Statistics (Nigeria)
NG2 Central Bank of Nigeria
NG4 Federal Ministry of Finance (Nigeria)
NG99 Other competent National Authority (Nigeria)
NI2 Banco Central de Nicaragua
NI4 Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito Publico (Nicaragua)
NL1 Central Bureau voor de Statistiek (Netherlands)
NL2 De Nederlandsche Bank (Netherlands)
NL4 Ministry of Finance (Netherlands)
NL99 Other competent National Authority (Netherlands)
NO1 Statistics Norway
NO2 Norges Bank (Norway)
NO98 Avinor (Civil Aviation Administration)
NO99 Other competent National Authority (Norway)
NP1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Nepal)
NP2 Nepal Rastra Bank
NP4 Ministry of Finance (Nepal)
NR1 Nauru Bureau of Statistics (Nauru)
NR4 Ministry of Finance (Nauru)
NR99 Other competent National Authority (Nauru)
NU1 Statistics Offie Niue
NZ1 Statistics New Zealand
NZ2 Reserve Bank of New Zealand
NZ99 Other competent National Authority (New Zealand)
OM2 Central Bank of Oman
OM4 Ministry of Finance (Oman)
PA1 Directorate of Statistics and Census (Panama)
PA2 Banco Nacional de Panama
PA3 Office of the Controller General (Panama)
PA6 Superintendencia de Bancos (Panama)
PE2 Banco Central de Reserva del Peru
PE4 Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas (Peru)
PG1 National Statistical Office (Papua New Guinea)
PG2 Bank of Papua New Guinea
PG99 Other competent National Authority (Papua New Guinea)
PH2 Central Bank of the Philippines
PH3 Bureau of the Treasury (Philippines)
PK1 Federal Bureau of Statistics (Pakistan)
PK2 State Bank of Pakistan
PK4 Ministry of Finance and Revenue (Pakistan)
PK99 Other competent National Authority (Pakistan)
PL1 Central Statistical Office of Poland
PL2 Bank of Poland
PL4 Ministry of Finance (Poland)
PL99 Other competent National Authority (Poland)
PS1 Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
PS2 Palestine Monetary Authority
PS99 Other competent National Authority (West Bank and Gaza)
PT1 Instituto Nacional de Estatistica (Portugal)
PT2 Banco de Portugal (Portugal)
PT3 Direccao Geral do Orcamento (DGO) (Portugal)
PT4 Ministerio Das Financas (Portugal)
PT99 Other competent National Authority (Portugal)
PW1 Statistical office (Palau)
PW99 Other competent National Authority (Palau)
PY2 Banco Central del Paraguay
PY4 Ministerio de Hacienda (Paraguay)
QA2 Qatar Central Bank
QA3 Customs Department (Qatar)
QA4 Ministry of Finance, Economy and Commerce (Qatar)
RO1 Romania, National Commission for Statistics
RO2 National Bank of Romania
RO4 Ministere des Finances Public (Romania)
RO99 Other competent National Authority (Romania)
RS1 Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
RS2 National Bank of Serbia (NBS) (Serbia, Rep. of)
RU1 State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics
RU2 Central Bank of Russian Federation
RU3 State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation
RU4 Ministry of Finance (Russian Federation)
RU99 Other competent National Authority (Russian Federation)
RW1 General Office of Statistics (Rwanda)
RW2 Banque Nationale Du Rwanda
RW4 Ministere des Finances et Planification Economie (Rwanda)
SA1 Central Department of Statistics (Saudi Arabia)
SA2 Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
SA4 Ministry of Finance (Saudi Arabia)
SA99 Other competent National Authority (Saudi Arabia)
SB1 Statistical Office (Solomon Islands)
SB2 Central Bank of Solomon Islands
SB4 Ministry of Finance and Treasury (Solomon Islands)
SC2 Central Bank of Seychelles
SC4 Ministry of Finance (Seychelles)
SC6 Ministry of Administration and Manpower, Management and Information Systems Division (Seychelles)
SD1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Sudan)
SD2 Bank of Sudan
SD4 Ministry of Finance and National Economy (Sudan)
SD99 Other competent National Authority (Sudan)
SE1 Statistics Sweden (Sweden)
SE2 Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden)
SE3 Sika Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis
SE4 Banverket (National Rail Administration) Sweden
SE5 National Institute of Economic Research (Sweden)
SE99 Other competent National Authority (Sweden)
SG1 Ministry of Trade and Industry / Department of Statistics (Singapore)
SG2 Monetary Authority of Singapore
SG3 International Enterprise Singapore
SG4 Ministry of Finance (Singapore)
SG99 Other competent National Authority (Singapore)
SH1 Saint Helena Statistical Office
SI1 Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
SI2 Bank of Slovenia
SI4 Ministry of Finance (Slovenia)
SI99 Other competent National Authority (Slovenia)
SK1 Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
SK2 National Bank of Slovakia
SK4 Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
SK99 Other competent National Authority (Slovak Republic)
SL2 Bank of Sierra Leone
SM1 Office of Economic Planning and Data Processing Center and Statistics (San Marino)
SM2 Instituto di Credito Sammarinese / Central Bank (San Marino)
SM4 Ministry of Finance and Budget (San Marino)
SN1 Direction de la Prevision et de la Statistique (Senegal)
SN2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Senegal)
SN4 Ministere de l`Economie et des Finances (Senegal)
SN99 Other competent National Authority (Senegal)
SO2 Central Bank of Somalia
SR1 General Bureau of Statistics (Suriname)
SR2 Centrale Bank van Suriname
SR4 Ministry of Finance (Suriname)
SR99 Other competent National Authority (Suriname)
SS1 National Bureau of Statistics (South Sudan)
SS2 Central bank of South Sudan
SS99 Other competent National Authority (South Sudan)
ST2 Banco Central de Sao Tome e Principe
ST4 Ministry of Planning and Financing (Sao Tome and Principe)
SV2 Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador
SV4 Ministerio de Hacienda (El Salvador)
SX1 Bureau for Statistics Sint Maarten
SX99 Other competent National Authority (Sint Maarten)
SY1 Central Bureau of Statistics (Syria Arab Rep.)
SY2 Central Bank of Syria
SY4 Ministry of Finance (Syrian Arab Rep.)
SY99 Other competent National Authority (Syrian Arab Republic)
SZ1 Central Statistical Office (Swaziland)
SZ2 Central Bank of Swaziland
SZ4 Ministry of Finance (Swaziland)
TC4 Ministry of Finance (Turks and Caicos)
TC99 Other competent National Authority (Turks and Caicos)
TD1 Institut de la Statistique (INSDEE) (Chad)
TD2 Banque des Etats de l`Afrique Centrale (BEAC) (Chad)
TD4 Ministere des finances (Chad)
TD99 Other competent National Authority (Chad)
TG2 Banque Centrale des Etats de l`Afrique de l`Ouest (BCEAO) (Togo)
TG3 Ministere du Plan (Togo)
TG4 Ministere de l`Economie des Finances (Togo)
TH2 Bank of Thailand
TH4 Ministry of Finance (Thailand)
TH5 National Economic and Social Development Board (Thailand)
TJ1 State Statistical Agency of Tajikistan
TJ2 National Bank of Tajikistan
TJ4 Ministry of Finance (Tajikistan)
TJ99 Other competent National Authority (Tajikistan)
TL1 Statistical Office (Timor Leste)
TL2 Banco Central de Timor-Leste
TL4 Ministry of Finance (Timor-Leste)
TL99 Other competent National Authority (Timor-Leste)
TM1 National Institute of State Statistics and Information (Turkmenistan)
TM2 Central Bank of Turkmenistan
TM4 Ministry of Economy and Finance (Turkmenistan)
TM99 Other competent National Authority (Turkmenistan)
TN1 National Institute of Statistics (Tunisia)
TN2 Banque centrale de Tunisie
TN4 Ministere des Finances (Tunisia)
TO1 Statistics Department (Tongo)
TO2 National Reserve Bank of Tonga
TO4 Ministry of Finance (Tongo)
TO99 Other competent National Authority (Tonga)
TR1 State Institute of Statistics (Turkey)
TR2 Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
TR3 Hazine Mustesarligi (Turkish Treasury)
TR98 State Airports Authority
TR99 Other competent National Authority (Turkey)
TT1 Central Statistical Office (Trinidad and Tobago)
TT2 Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
TT4 Ministry of Finance (Trinidad and Tobago)
TV1 Tuvalu Statistics
TW2 Central Bank of China, Taipei
TZ1 Central Statistical Bureau (Tanzania)
TZ2 Bank of Tanzania
TZ4 Ministry of Finance (Tanzania)
TZ99 Other competent National Authority (Tanzania)
U22 Central banks belonging to the Euro area
U32 EU central banks not belonging to the Euro area
UA1 State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
UA2 National Bank of Ukraine
UA4 Ministry of Finance (Ukraine)
UA99 Other competent National Authority (Ukraine)
UG1 Uganda Bureau of Statistics
UG2 Bank of Uganda
UG4 Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (Uganda)
UG99 Other competent National Authority (Uganda)
US2 Federal Reserve Bank of New York (USA)
US3 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (USA)
US4 U.S. Department of Treasury (USA)
US5 U.S. Department of Commerce (USA)
US6 Bureau of Labor Statistics
US7 Bureau of Census
US8 Bureau of Economic Analysis
US99 Other competent National Authority (USA)
UY2 Banco Central del Uruguay
UY4 Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas (Uruguay)
UZ1 Goskomprognozstat (Uzbekistan)
UZ3 Ministry of Economy (Uzbekistan)
UZ4 Ministry of Finance (Uzbekistan)
UZ99 Other competent National Authority (Uzbekistan)
V12 EU 27 central banks
V32 EU 28 central banks
VA2 Holy See (Vatican City State) National Central Bank
VC1 Statistical Unit (St. Vincent and Grenadines)
VC2 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) (St. Vincent and Grenadines)
VC4 Ministry of Finance and Planning (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
VE2 Banco Central de Venezuela
VE4 Ministerio de Finanzas (Venezuela)
VG99 Other competent National Authority (Virgin Islands, British)
VI99 Other competent National Authority (Virgin Islands, US)
VN1 General Statistics Office (Vietnam)
VN2 State Bank of Vietnam
VN99 Other competent National Authority (Vietnam)
VU1 Statistical Office (Vanuatu)
VU2 Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
VU4 Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (Vanuatu)
VU99 Other competent National Authority (Vanuatu)
WS1 Department of Statistics (Samoa)
WS2 Central Bank of Samoa
WS4 Samoa Treasury Department
WS99 Other competent National Authority (Samoa)
XK1 Kosovo National statistical Office
XK2 Kosovo National Bank
XK4 Ministry of Finance (Kosovo)
XK99 Other competent National Authority (Kosovo)
YE1 Central Statistical Organization (Yemen)
YE2 Central Bank of Yemen
YE4 Ministry of Finance (Yemen)
YE99 Other competent National Authority (Yemen, Republic of)
ZA1 South African Reserve Service
ZA2 South African Reserve Bank
ZA3 Department of Customs and Excise (South Africa)
ZA99 Other competent National Authority (South Africa)
ZM1 Central Statistical Office (Zambia)
ZM2 Bank of Zambia
ZM99 Other competent National Authority (Zambia)
ZW1 Central Statistical Office (Zimbabwe)
ZW2 Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
ZW4 Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development (Zimbabwe)
ZW99 Other competent National Authority (Zimbabwe)
ZZZ Unspecified (e.g. any, dissemination, internal exchange etc)