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Downloading Data

You can download your selected series (with a maximum of 100 time series) in the following format:

Quickview page Other pages
Format of exported data
CSV - character separated x x
CSV - pivot style x x
Excel (csv) x x
SDMX-ML 2.0 x x
SDMX-ML 2.1 x
Excel pivot export
Standard x
Refreshable x

To download data, use the following button appearing in the "data functions toolbar" at the top of the page:

Button download Select a download type from the download type options available. Click on the download button to download your selected series to your chosen software program.

Regular data download

Simple download

The Quick View offers an additional download functionality, which can be used to automate regular data download. Below are the steps to follow in order to establish the links:

  1. find the key of the series you want to download. It is always displayed on a Quick View page, in the second line of "Series Level Information" section, and on a Data Selection page next to the series’ title. For example the series key of US dollar/euro exchange rate is: SERIES_KEY=EXR.D.USD.EUR.SP00.A
  2. choose the format of the file which you would like to get the data in
    • csv : Comma Separated
    • sdmx : SDMX-ML compact data format
  3. create an "export URL" i.e. combine the base URL of the quick view export with the parameters set in steps 1) and 2), use & between the parameters.

For example:

It is also possible to restrict the date range by setting start and/or end parameters. For example:

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