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Series Level Information
Series Key BKN.M.IT.NC10.B.50P0.AS.S.Q
Title Complement Italy - Net Circulation - number of banknotes/coins in circulation (for banknotes it has to be calculated, and equals created notes less destroyed notes less stocks of the NCB) - Banknotes - 5 - All design series - Stock - denominated in Quantity
Unit Thousands - Pure number
Dataset BKN : Banknotes statistics

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 Italy - Net Circulation - number of banknotes/coins in circulation (for banknotes it has to be calculated, and equals created notes less destroyed notes less stocks of the NCB) - Banknotes - 5 - All design series - Stock - denominated in Quantity
(Banknotes statistics)
Period valueobs. status
2021-12115922Normal value (A)
2021-11109230Normal value (A)
2021-10108350Normal value (A)
2021-09108738Normal value (A)
2021-08110315Normal value (A)
2021-07110434Normal value (A)
2021-06109204Normal value (A)
2021-05107315Normal value (A)
2021-04106139Normal value (A)
2021-03106247Normal value (A)
2021-02106827Normal value (A)
2021-01107289Normal value (A)
2020-12111277Normal value (A)
2020-11104782Normal value (A)
2020-10103751Normal value (A)
2020-09104779Normal value (A)
2020-08106771Normal value (A)
2020-07106721Normal value (A)
2020-06106513Normal value (A)
2020-05106037Normal value (A)
2020-04106587Normal value (A)
2020-03106961Normal value (A)
2020-02104450Normal value (A)
2020-01106018Normal value (A)
2019-12112723Normal value (A)
2019-11104668Normal value (A)
2019-10104466Normal value (A)
2019-09107261Normal value (A)
2019-08110848Normal value (A)
2019-07114291Normal value (A)
2019-06112488Normal value (A)
2019-05112746Normal value (A)
2019-04116160Normal value (A)
2019-03112820Normal value (A)
2019-02114267Normal value (A)
2019-01115275Normal value (A)
2018-12119071Normal value (A)
2018-11110811Normal value (A)
2018-10109173Normal value (A)
2018-09111209Normal value (A)
2018-08113286Normal value (A)
2018-07115172Normal value (A)
2018-06116690Normal value (A)
2018-05117113Normal value (A)
2018-04118645Normal value (A)
2018-03119854Normal value (A)
2018-02118416Normal value (A)
2018-01119357Normal value (A)
2017-12124873Normal value (A)
2017-11117633Normal value (A)
2017-10117204Normal value (A)
2017-09118296Normal value (A)
2017-08119777Normal value (A)
2017-07122951Normal value (A)
2017-06123491Normal value (A)
2017-05124342Normal value (A)
2017-04126327Normal value (A)
2017-03123099Normal value (A)
2017-02123699Normal value (A)
2017-01125446Normal value (A)
2016-12129720Normal value (A)
2016-11122889Normal value (A)
2016-10122261Normal value (A)
2016-09123109Normal value (A)
2016-08124663Normal value (A)
2016-07127925Normal value (A)
2016-06127536Normal value (A)
2016-05128514Normal value (A)
2016-04129109Normal value (A)
2016-03130659Normal value (A)
2016-02128308Normal value (A)
2016-01130452Normal value (A)
2015-12135294Normal value (A)
2015-11126990Normal value (A)
2015-10126525Normal value (A)
2015-09128235Normal value (A)
2015-08130594Normal value (A)
2015-07132596Normal value (A)
2015-06132186Normal value (A)
2015-05133851Normal value (A)
2015-04135334Normal value (A)
2015-03134756Normal value (A)
2015-02135369Normal value (A)
2015-01137406Normal value (A)
2014-12143267Normal value (A)
2014-11135461Normal value (A)
2014-10134542Normal value (A)
2014-09136406Normal value (A)
2014-08139029Normal value (A)
2014-07141257Normal value (A)
2014-06142850Normal value (A)
2014-05144218Normal value (A)
2014-04145719Normal value (A)
2014-03143425Normal value (A)
2014-02144614Normal value (A)
2014-01147387Normal value (A)
2013-12152483Normal value (A)
2013-11146204Normal value (A)
2013-10146083Normal value (A)
2013-09147361Normal value (A)
2013-08151071Normal value (A)
2013-07153417Normal value (A)
2013-06155215Normal value (A)
2013-05156634Normal value (A)
2013-04138304Normal value (A)
2013-03140040Normal value (A)
2013-02138663Normal value (A)
2013-01140487Normal value (A)
2012-12144615Normal value (A)
2012-11137181Normal value (A)
2012-10136244Normal value (A)
2012-09137536Normal value (A)
2012-08139277Normal value (A)
2012-07141910Normal value (A)
2012-06143019Normal value (A)
2012-05143975Normal value (A)
2012-04145697Normal value (A)
2012-03144402Normal value (A)
2012-02145518Normal value (A)
2012-01146544Normal value (A)
2011-12151923Normal value (A)
2011-11145404Normal value (A)
2011-10142683Normal value (A)
2011-09143856Normal value (A)
2011-08144879Normal value (A)
2011-07149232Normal value (A)
2011-06148856Normal value (A)
2011-05148829Normal value (A)
2011-04150133Normal value (A)
2011-03148661Normal value (A)
2011-02149536Normal value (A)
2011-01151278Normal value (A)
2010-12154623Normal value (A)
2010-11147312Normal value (A)
2010-10146408Normal value (A)
2010-09146717Normal value (A)
2010-08147899Normal value (A)
2010-07150923Normal value (A)
2010-06150081Normal value (A)
2010-05150947Normal value (A)
2010-04150937Normal value (A)
2010-03150771Normal value (A)
2010-02150102Normal value (A)
2010-01152241Normal value (A)
2009-12156346Normal value (A)
2009-11147525Normal value (A)
2009-10145594Normal value (A)
2009-09145927Normal value (A)
2009-08145668Normal value (A)
2009-07148813Normal value (A)
2009-06147610Normal value (A)
2009-05148481Normal value (A)
2009-04148605Normal value (A)
2009-03147120Normal value (A)
2009-02147471Normal value (A)
2009-01148845Normal value (A)
2008-12154290Normal value (A)
2008-11145573Normal value (A)
2008-10146138Normal value (A)
2008-09144783Normal value (A)
2008-08145496Normal value (A)
2008-07148294Normal value (A)
2008-06147610Normal value (A)
2008-05147093Normal value (A)
2008-04147533Normal value (A)
2008-03146682Normal value (A)
2008-02145869Normal value (A)
2008-01147388Normal value (A)
2007-12152047Normal value (A)
2007-11144536Normal value (A)
2007-10143542Normal value (A)
2007-09143403Normal value (A)
2007-08144056Normal value (A)
2007-07146555Normal value (A)
2007-06147061Normal value (A)
2007-05147270Normal value (A)
2007-04148512Normal value (A)
2007-03147215Normal value (A)
2007-02145828Normal value (A)
2007-01147702Normal value (A)
2006-12152772Normal value (A)
2006-11145237Normal value (A)
2006-10143820Normal value (A)
2006-09143319Normal value (A)
2006-08142987Normal value (A)
2006-07145892Normal value (A)
2006-06146580Normal value (A)
2006-05146635Normal value (A)
2006-04146706Normal value (A)
2006-03144952Normal value (A)
2006-02147017Normal value (A)
2006-01148462Normal value (A)
2005-12150558Normal value (A)
2005-11143297Normal value (A)
2005-10141779Normal value (A)
2005-09142388Normal value (A)
2005-08142612Normal value (A)
2005-07145425Normal value (A)
2005-06145047Normal value (A)
2005-05145176Normal value (A)
2005-04146446Normal value (A)
2005-03146519Normal value (A)
2005-02145871Normal value (A)
2005-01148425Normal value (A)
2004-12151439Normal value (A)
2004-11144369Normal value (A)
2004-10143648Normal value (A)
2004-09143386Normal value (A)
2004-08144342Normal value (A)
2004-07147332Normal value (A)
2004-06147101Normal value (A)
2004-05147532Normal value (A)
2004-04147835Normal value (A)
2004-03146981Normal value (A)
2004-02148415Normal value (A)
2004-01150379Normal value (A)
2003-12154678Normal value (A)
2003-11145727Normal value (A)
2003-10145284Normal value (A)
2003-09145927Normal value (A)
2003-08146377Normal value (A)
2003-07149212Normal value (A)
2003-06150544Normal value (A)
2003-05150407Normal value (A)
2003-04152058Normal value (A)
2003-03151028Normal value (A)
2003-02154152Normal value (A)
2003-01158643Normal value (A)
2002-12166226Normal value (A)
2002-11156520Normal value (A)
2002-10157846Normal value (A)
2002-09160478Normal value (A)
2002-08163276Normal value (A)
2002-07172394Normal value (A)
2002-06181935Normal value (A)
2002-05192603Normal value (A)
2002-04216351Normal value (A)
2002-03256400Normal value (A)
2002-02346779Normal value (A)
2002-01392798Normal value (A)