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Series Level Information
Series Key BKN.M.LU.NC10.B.20P1.AS.S.Q
Title Complement Luxembourg - Net Circulation - number of banknotes/coins in circulation (for banknotes it has to be calculated, and equals created notes less destroyed notes less stocks of the NCB) - Banknotes - 20 - All design series - Stock - denominated in Quantity
Unit Thousands - Pure number
Dataset BKN : Banknotes statistics

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 Luxembourg - Net Circulation - number of banknotes/coins in circulation (for banknotes it has to be calculated, and equals created notes less destroyed notes less stocks of the NCB) - Banknotes - 20 - All design series - Stock - denominated in Quantity
(Banknotes statistics)
Period valueobs. status
2021-12-108727Normal value (A)
2021-11-108105Normal value (A)
2021-10-107302Normal value (A)
2021-09-106697Normal value (A)
2021-08-105889Normal value (A)
2021-07-105358Normal value (A)
2021-06-104681Normal value (A)
2021-05-103992Normal value (A)
2021-04-103297Normal value (A)
2021-03-102591Normal value (A)
2021-02-101877Normal value (A)
2021-01-101273Normal value (A)
2020-12-100446Normal value (A)
2020-11-99947Normal value (A)
2020-10-99569Normal value (A)
2020-09-99002Normal value (A)
2020-08-98329Normal value (A)
2020-07-97944Normal value (A)
2020-06-97066Normal value (A)
2020-05-96537Normal value (A)
2020-04-96292Normal value (A)
2020-03-96213Normal value (A)
2020-02-95755Normal value (A)
2020-01-95359Normal value (A)
2019-12-94622Normal value (A)
2019-11-94365Normal value (A)
2019-10-94010Normal value (A)
2019-09-93613Normal value (A)
2019-08-93372Normal value (A)
2019-07-93198Normal value (A)
2019-06-92766Normal value (A)
2019-05-92427Normal value (A)
2019-04-92247Normal value (A)
2019-03-92051Normal value (A)
2019-02-91902Normal value (A)
2019-01-91673Normal value (A)
2018-12-90885Normal value (A)
2018-11-91039Normal value (A)
2018-10-90694Normal value (A)
2018-09-90494Normal value (A)
2018-08-90248Normal value (A)
2018-07-89977Normal value (A)
2018-06-89624Normal value (A)
2018-05-89433Normal value (A)
2018-04-89041Normal value (A)
2018-03-88767Normal value (A)
2018-02-88771Normal value (A)
2018-01-88562Normal value (A)
2017-12-87660Normal value (A)
2017-11-87996Normal value (A)
2017-10-87703Normal value (A)
2017-09-87533Normal value (A)
2017-08-87334Normal value (A)
2017-07-87010Normal value (A)
2017-06-86823Normal value (A)
2017-05-86681Normal value (A)
2017-04-86339Normal value (A)
2017-03-86227Normal value (A)
2017-02-86039Normal value (A)
2017-01-85820Normal value (A)
2016-12-85275Normal value (A)
2016-11-85175Normal value (A)
2016-10-84727Normal value (A)
2016-09-84495Normal value (A)
2016-08-84128Normal value (A)
2016-07-83722Normal value (A)
2016-06-83362Normal value (A)
2016-05-83086Normal value (A)
2016-04-82686Normal value (A)
2016-03-82258Normal value (A)
2016-02-82018Normal value (A)
2016-01-81642Normal value (A)
2015-12-80832Normal value (A)
2015-11-80891Normal value (A)
2015-10-80568Normal value (A)
2015-09-80212Normal value (A)
2015-08-79749Normal value (A)
2015-07-79361Normal value (A)
2015-06-78953Normal value (A)
2015-05-78490Normal value (A)
2015-04-78043Normal value (A)
2015-03-77710Normal value (A)
2015-02-77292Normal value (A)
2015-01-76947Normal value (A)
2014-12-76183Normal value (A)
2014-11-76018Normal value (A)
2014-10-75572Normal value (A)
2014-09-75116Normal value (A)
2014-08-74603Normal value (A)
2014-07-74139Normal value (A)
2014-06-73515Normal value (A)
2014-05-73019Normal value (A)
2014-04-72545Normal value (A)
2014-03-72195Normal value (A)
2014-02-71759Normal value (A)
2014-01-71321Normal value (A)
2013-12-70414Normal value (A)
2013-11-70339Normal value (A)
2013-10-69796Normal value (A)
2013-09-69392Normal value (A)
2013-08-68937Normal value (A)
2013-07-68414Normal value (A)
2013-06-67886Normal value (A)
2013-05-67355Normal value (A)
2013-04-66883Normal value (A)
2013-03-66267Normal value (A)
2013-02-65995Normal value (A)
2013-01-65585Normal value (A)
2012-12-64702Normal value (A)
2012-11-64661Normal value (A)
2012-10-64052Normal value (A)
2012-09-63576Normal value (A)
2012-08-63003Normal value (A)
2012-07-62459Normal value (A)
2012-06-61866Normal value (A)
2012-05-61280Normal value (A)
2012-04-60689Normal value (A)
2012-03-60189Normal value (A)
2012-02-59724Normal value (A)
2012-01-59233Normal value (A)
2011-12-58474Normal value (A)
2011-11-58170Normal value (A)
2011-10-57384Normal value (A)
2011-09-56896Normal value (A)
2011-08-56336Normal value (A)
2011-07-55632Normal value (A)
2011-06-55019Normal value (A)
2011-05-54368Normal value (A)
2011-04-53793Normal value (A)
2011-03-53302Normal value (A)
2011-02-52616Normal value (A)
2011-01-52136Normal value (A)
2010-12-51475Normal value (A)
2010-11-51281Normal value (A)
2010-10-50687Normal value (A)
2010-09-50250Normal value (A)
2010-08-49730Normal value (A)
2010-07-49136Normal value (A)
2010-06-48612Normal value (A)
2010-05-48060Normal value (A)
2010-04-47622Normal value (A)
2010-03-46991Normal value (A)
2010-02-46675Normal value (A)
2010-01-46271Normal value (A)
2009-12-45606Normal value (A)
2009-11-45356Normal value (A)
2009-10-44870Normal value (A)
2009-09-44415Normal value (A)
2009-08-43868Normal value (A)
2009-07-43332Normal value (A)
2009-06-42858Normal value (A)
2009-05-42244Normal value (A)
2009-04-41784Normal value (A)
2009-03-41461Normal value (A)
2009-02-41035Normal value (A)
2009-01-40691Normal value (A)
2008-12-39966Normal value (A)
2008-11-39791Normal value (A)
2008-10-39339Normal value (A)
2008-09-38803Normal value (A)
2008-08-38207Normal value (A)
2008-07-37647Normal value (A)
2008-06-36886Normal value (A)
2008-05-36386Normal value (A)
2008-04-35720Normal value (A)
2008-03-35194Normal value (A)
2008-02-34751Normal value (A)
2008-01-34328Normal value (A)
2007-12-33400Normal value (A)
2007-11-33288Normal value (A)
2007-10-32658Normal value (A)
2007-09-32191Normal value (A)
2007-08-31637Normal value (A)
2007-07-30994Normal value (A)
2007-06-30302Normal value (A)
2007-05-29682Normal value (A)
2007-04-29125Normal value (A)
2007-03-28644Normal value (A)
2007-02-28255Normal value (A)
2007-01-27766Normal value (A)
2006-12-26863Normal value (A)
2006-11-26831Normal value (A)
2006-10-26244Normal value (A)
2006-09-25813Normal value (A)
2006-08-25322Normal value (A)
2006-07-24599Normal value (A)
2006-06-23979Normal value (A)
2006-05-23502Normal value (A)
2006-04-22919Normal value (A)
2006-03-22496Normal value (A)
2006-02-22048Normal value (A)
2006-01-21531Normal value (A)
2005-12-20824Normal value (A)
2005-11-20559Normal value (A)
2005-10-19863Normal value (A)
2005-09-19295Normal value (A)
2005-08-18720Normal value (A)
2005-07-17918Normal value (A)
2005-06-17222Normal value (A)
2005-05-16633Normal value (A)
2005-04-16075Normal value (A)
2005-03-15393Normal value (A)
2005-02-15013Normal value (A)
2005-01-14506Normal value (A)
2004-12-13725Normal value (A)
2004-11-13348Normal value (A)
2004-10-12711Normal value (A)
2004-09-12166Normal value (A)
2004-08-11496Normal value (A)
2004-07-10660Normal value (A)
2004-06-9975Normal value (A)
2004-05-9221Normal value (A)
2004-04-8708Normal value (A)
2004-03-8144Normal value (A)
2004-02-7546Normal value (A)
2004-01-7119Normal value (A)
2003-12-6233Normal value (A)
2003-11-6085Normal value (A)
2003-10-5581Normal value (A)
2003-09-4999Normal value (A)
2003-08-4417Normal value (A)
2003-07-3988Normal value (A)
2003-06-3260Normal value (A)
2003-05-2787Normal value (A)
2003-04-2459Normal value (A)
2003-03-2025Normal value (A)
2003-02-1584Normal value (A)
2003-01-1220Normal value (A)
2002-12-519Normal value (A)
2002-11-667Normal value (A)
2002-10-282Normal value (A)
2002-09-14Normal value (A)
2002-08353Normal value (A)
2002-07714Normal value (A)
2002-061304Normal value (A)
2002-051572Normal value (A)
2002-041986Normal value (A)
2002-032537Normal value (A)
2002-022694Normal value (A)
2002-013275Normal value (A)