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Series Level Information
Series Key ILM.W.U2.C.L040000.Z5.EUR
Title Debt certificates issued - Eurosystem
Title Complement Euro area (changing composition), Eurosystem reporting sector - Debt certificates issued, Euro - World not allocated (geographically) counterpart
Unit Millions of Euro
Dataset ILM : Internal Liquidity Management

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 Euro area (changing composition), Eurosystem reporting sector - Debt certificates issued, Euro - World not allocated (geographically) counterpart
(Internal Liquidity Management )
Period valueobs. status
2023-W200Normal value (A)
2023-W190Normal value (A)
2023-W180Normal value (A)
2023-W170Normal value (A)
2023-W160Normal value (A)
2023-W150Normal value (A)
2023-W140Normal value (A)
2023-W130Normal value (A)
2023-W120Normal value (A)
2023-W110Normal value (A)
2023-W100Normal value (A)
2023-W090Normal value (A)
2023-W080Normal value (A)
2023-W070Normal value (A)
2023-W060Normal value (A)
2023-W050Normal value (A)
2023-W040Normal value (A)
2023-W030Normal value (A)
2023-W020Normal value (A)
2023-W010Normal value (A)
2022-W520Normal value (A)
2022-W510Normal value (A)
2022-W500Normal value (A)
2022-W490Normal value (A)
2022-W480Normal value (A)
2022-W470Normal value (A)
2022-W460Normal value (A)
2022-W450Normal value (A)
2022-W440Normal value (A)
2022-W430Normal value (A)
2022-W420Normal value (A)
2022-W410Normal value (A)
2022-W400Normal value (A)
2022-W390Normal value (A)
2022-W380Normal value (A)
2022-W370Normal value (A)
2022-W360Normal value (A)
2022-W350Normal value (A)
2022-W340Normal value (A)
2022-W330Normal value (A)
2022-W320Normal value (A)
2022-W310Normal value (A)
2022-W300Normal value (A)
2022-W290Normal value (A)
2022-W280Normal value (A)
2022-W270Normal value (A)
2022-W260Normal value (A)
2022-W250Normal value (A)
2022-W240Normal value (A)
2022-W230Normal value (A)
2022-W220Normal value (A)
2022-W210Normal value (A)
2022-W200Normal value (A)
2022-W190Normal value (A)
2022-W180Normal value (A)
2022-W170Normal value (A)
2022-W160Normal value (A)
2022-W150Normal value (A)
2022-W140Normal value (A)
2022-W130Normal value (A)
2022-W120Normal value (A)
2022-W110Normal value (A)
2022-W100Normal value (A)
2022-W090Normal value (A)
2022-W080Normal value (A)
2022-W070Normal value (A)
2022-W060Normal value (A)
2022-W050Normal value (A)
2022-W040Normal value (A)
2022-W030Normal value (A)
2022-W020Normal value (A)
2022-W010Normal value (A)
2021-W520Normal value (A)
2021-W510Normal value (A)
2021-W500Normal value (A)
2021-W490Normal value (A)
2021-W480Normal value (A)
2021-W470Normal value (A)
2021-W460Normal value (A)
2021-W450Normal value (A)
2021-W440Normal value (A)
2021-W430Normal value (A)
2021-W420Normal value (A)
2021-W410Normal value (A)
2021-W400Normal value (A)
2021-W390Normal value (A)
2021-W380Normal value (A)
2021-W370Normal value (A)
2021-W360Normal value (A)
2021-W350Normal value (A)
2021-W340Normal value (A)
2021-W330Normal value (A)
2021-W320Normal value (A)
2021-W310Normal value (A)
2021-W300Normal value (A)
2021-W290Normal value (A)
2021-W280Normal value (A)
2021-W270Normal value (A)
2021-W260Normal value (A)
2021-W250Normal value (A)
2021-W240Normal value (A)
2021-W230Normal value (A)
2021-W220Normal value (A)
2021-W210Normal value (A)
2021-W200Normal value (A)
2021-W190Normal value (A)
2021-W180Normal value (A)
2021-W170Normal value (A)
2021-W160Normal value (A)
2021-W150Normal value (A)
2021-W140Normal value (A)
2021-W130Normal value (A)
2021-W120Normal value (A)
2021-W110Normal value (A)
2021-W100Normal value (A)
2021-W090Normal value (A)
2021-W080Normal value (A)
2021-W070Normal value (A)
2021-W060Normal value (A)
2021-W050Normal value (A)
2021-W040Normal value (A)
2021-W030Normal value (A)
2021-W020Normal value (A)
2021-W010Normal value (A)
2020-W530Normal value (A)
2020-W520Normal value (A)
2020-W510Normal value (A)
2020-W500Normal value (A)
2020-W490Normal value (A)
2020-W480Normal value (A)
2020-W470Normal value (A)
2020-W460Normal value (A)
2020-W450Normal value (A)
2020-W440Normal value (A)
2020-W430Normal value (A)
2020-W420Normal value (A)
2020-W410Normal value (A)
2020-W400Normal value (A)
2020-W390Normal value (A)
2020-W380Normal value (A)
2020-W370Normal value (A)
2020-W360Normal value (A)
2020-W350Normal value (A)
2020-W340Normal value (A)
2020-W330Normal value (A)
2020-W320Normal value (A)
2020-W310Normal value (A)
2020-W300Normal value (A)
2020-W290Normal value (A)
2020-W280Normal value (A)
2020-W270Normal value (A)
2020-W260Normal value (A)
2020-W250Normal value (A)
2020-W240Normal value (A)
2020-W230Normal value (A)
2020-W220Normal value (A)
2020-W210Normal value (A)
2020-W200Normal value (A)
2020-W190Normal value (A)
2020-W180Normal value (A)
2020-W170Normal value (A)
2020-W160Normal value (A)
2020-W150Normal value (A)
2020-W140Normal value (A)
2020-W130Normal value (A)
2020-W120Normal value (A)
2020-W110Normal value (A)
2020-W100Normal value (A)
2020-W090Normal value (A)
2020-W080Normal value (A)
2020-W070Normal value (A)
2020-W060Normal value (A)
2020-W050Normal value (A)
2020-W040Normal value (A)
2020-W030Normal value (A)
2020-W020Normal value (A)
2020-W010Normal value (A)
2019-W520Normal value (A)
2019-W510Normal value (A)
2019-W500Normal value (A)
2019-W490Normal value (A)
2019-W480Normal value (A)
2019-W470Normal value (A)
2019-W460Normal value (A)
2019-W450Normal value (A)
2019-W440Normal value (A)
2019-W430Normal value (A)
2019-W420Normal value (A)
2019-W410Normal value (A)
2019-W400Normal value (A)
2019-W390Normal value (A)
2019-W380Normal value (A)
2019-W370Normal value (A)
2019-W360Normal value (A)
2019-W350Normal value (A)
2019-W340Normal value (A)
2019-W330Normal value (A)
2019-W320Normal value (A)
2019-W310Normal value (A)
2019-W300Normal value (A)
2019-W290Normal value (A)
2019-W280Normal value (A)
2019-W270Normal value (A)
2019-W260Normal value (A)
2019-W250Normal value (A)
2019-W240Normal value (A)
2019-W230Normal value (A)
2019-W220Normal value (A)
2019-W210Normal value (A)
2019-W200Normal value (A)
2019-W190Normal value (A)
2019-W180Normal value (A)
2019-W170Normal value (A)
2019-W160Normal value (A)
2019-W150Normal value (A)
2019-W140Normal value (A)
2019-W130Normal value (A)
2019-W120Normal value (A)
2019-W110Normal value (A)
2019-W100Normal value (A)
2019-W090Normal value (A)
2019-W080Normal value (A)
2019-W070Normal value (A)
2019-W060Normal value (A)
2019-W050Normal value (A)
2019-W040Normal value (A)
2019-W030Normal value (A)
2019-W020Normal value (A)
2019-W010Normal value (A)
2018-W520Normal value (A)
2018-W510Normal value (A)
2018-W500Normal value (A)
2018-W490Normal value (A)
2018-W480Normal value (A)
2018-W470Normal value (A)
2018-W460Normal value (A)
2018-W450Normal value (A)
2018-W440Normal value (A)
2018-W430Normal value (A)
2018-W420Normal value (A)
2018-W410Normal value (A)
2018-W400Normal value (A)
2018-W390Normal value (A)
2018-W380Normal value (A)
2018-W370Normal value (A)
2018-W360Normal value (A)
2018-W350Normal value (A)
2018-W340Normal value (A)
2018-W330Normal value (A)
2018-W320Normal value (A)
2018-W310Normal value (A)
2018-W300Normal value (A)
2018-W290Normal value (A)
2018-W280Normal value (A)
2018-W270Normal value (A)
2018-W260Normal value (A)
2018-W250Normal value (A)
2018-W240Normal value (A)
2018-W230Normal value (A)
2018-W220Normal value (A)
2018-W210Normal value (A)
2018-W200Normal value (A)
2018-W190Normal value (A)
2018-W180Normal value (A)
2018-W170Normal value (A)
2018-W160Normal value (A)
2018-W150Normal value (A)
2018-W140Normal value (A)
2018-W130Normal value (A)
2018-W120Normal value (A)
2018-W110Normal value (A)
2018-W100Normal value (A)
2018-W090Normal value (A)
2018-W080Normal value (A)
2018-W070Normal value (A)
2018-W060Normal value (A)
2018-W050Normal value (A)
2018-W040Normal value (A)
2018-W030Normal value (A)
2018-W020Normal value (A)
2018-W010Normal value (A)
2017-W520Normal value (A)
2017-W510Normal value (A)
2017-W500Normal value (A)
2017-W490Normal value (A)
2017-W480Normal value (A)
2017-W470Normal value (A)
2017-W460Normal value (A)
2017-W450Normal value (A)
2017-W440Normal value (A)
2017-W430Normal value (A)
2017-W420Normal value (A)
2017-W410Normal value (A)
2017-W400Normal value (A)
2017-W390Normal value (A)
2017-W380Normal value (A)
2017-W370Normal value (A)
2017-W360Normal value (A)
2017-W350Normal value (A)
2017-W340Normal value (A)
2017-W330Normal value (A)
2017-W320Normal value (A)
2017-W310Normal value (A)
2017-W300Normal value (A)
2017-W290Normal value (A)
2017-W280Normal value (A)
2017-W270Normal value (A)
2017-W260Normal value (A)
2017-W250Normal value (A)
2017-W240Normal value (A)
2017-W230Normal value (A)
2017-W220Normal value (A)
2017-W210Normal value (A)
2017-W200Normal value (A)
2017-W190Normal value (A)
2017-W180Normal value (A)
2017-W170Normal value (A)
2017-W160Normal value (A)
2017-W150Normal value (A)
2017-W140Normal value (A)
2017-W130Normal value (A)
2017-W120Normal value (A)
2017-W110Normal value (A)
2017-W100Normal value (A)
2017-W090Normal value (A)
2017-W080Normal value (A)
2017-W070Normal value (A)
2017-W060Normal value (A)
2017-W050Normal value (A)
2017-W040Normal value (A)
2017-W030Normal value (A)
2017-W020Normal value (A)
2017-W010Normal value (A)
2016-W520Normal value (A)
2016-W510Normal value (A)
2016-W500Normal value (A)
2016-W490Normal value (A)
2016-W480Normal value (A)
2016-W470Normal value (A)
2016-W460Normal value (A)
2016-W450Normal value (A)
2016-W440Normal value (A)
2016-W430Normal value (A)
2016-W420Normal value (A)
2016-W410Normal value (A)
2016-W400Normal value (A)
2016-W390Normal value (A)
2016-W380Normal value (A)
2016-W370Normal value (A)
2016-W360Normal value (A)
2016-W350Normal value (A)
2016-W340Normal value (A)
2016-W330Normal value (A)
2016-W320Normal value (A)
2016-W310Normal value (A)
2016-W300Normal value (A)
2016-W290Normal value (A)
2016-W280Normal value (A)
2016-W270Normal value (A)
2016-W260Normal value (A)
2016-W250Normal value (A)
2016-W240Normal value (A)
2016-W230Normal value (A)
2016-W220Normal value (A)
2016-W210Normal value (A)
2016-W200Normal value (A)
2016-W190Normal value (A)
2016-W180Normal value (A)
2016-W170Normal value (A)
2016-W160Normal value (A)
2016-W150Normal value (A)
2016-W140Normal value (A)
2016-W130Normal value (A)
2016-W120Normal value (A)
2016-W110Normal value (A)
2016-W100Normal value (A)
2016-W090Normal value (A)
2016-W080Normal value (A)
2016-W070Normal value (A)
2016-W060Normal value (A)
2016-W050Normal value (A)
2016-W040Normal value (A)
2016-W030Normal value (A)
2016-W020Normal value (A)
2016-W010Normal value (A)
2015-W530Normal value (A)
2015-W520Normal value (A)
2015-W510Normal value (A)
2015-W500Normal value (A)
2015-W490Normal value (A)
2015-W480Normal value (A)
2015-W470Normal value (A)
2015-W460Normal value (A)
2015-W450Normal value (A)
2015-W440Normal value (A)
2015-W430Normal value (A)
2015-W420Normal value (A)
2015-W410Normal value (A)
2015-W400Normal value (A)
2015-W390Normal value (A)
2015-W380Normal value (A)
2015-W370Normal value (A)
2015-W360Normal value (A)
2015-W350Normal value (A)
2015-W340Normal value (A)
2015-W330Normal value (A)
2015-W320Normal value (A)
2015-W310Normal value (A)
2015-W300Normal value (A)
2015-W290Normal value (A)
2015-W280Normal value (A)
2015-W270Normal value (A)
2015-W260Normal value (A)
2015-W250Normal value (A)
2015-W240Normal value (A)
2015-W230Normal value (A)
2015-W220Normal value (A)
2015-W210Normal value (A)
2015-W200Normal value (A)
2015-W190Normal value (A)
2015-W180Normal value (A)
2015-W170Normal value (A)
2015-W160Normal value (A)
2015-W150Normal value (A)
2015-W140Normal value (A)
2015-W130Normal value (A)
2015-W120Normal value (A)
2015-W110Normal value (A)
2015-W100Normal value (A)
2015-W090Normal value (A)
2015-W080Normal value (A)
2015-W070Normal value (A)
2015-W060Normal value (A)
2015-W050Normal value (A)
2015-W040Normal value (A)
2015-W030Normal value (A)
2015-W020Normal value (A)
2015-W010Normal value (A)
2014-W520Normal value (A)
2014-W510Normal value (A)
2014-W500Normal value (A)
2014-W490Normal value (A)
2014-W480Normal value (A)
2014-W470Normal value (A)
2014-W460Normal value (A)
2014-W450Normal value (A)
2014-W440Normal value (A)
2014-W430Normal value (A)
2014-W420Normal value (A)
2014-W410Normal value (A)
2014-W400Normal value (A)
2014-W390Normal value (A)
2014-W380Normal value (A)
2014-W370Normal value (A)
2014-W360Normal value (A)
2014-W350Normal value (A)
2014-W340Normal value (A)
2014-W330Normal value (A)
2014-W320Normal value (A)
2014-W310Normal value (A)
2014-W300Normal value (A)
2014-W290Normal value (A)
2014-W280Normal value (A)
2014-W270Normal value (A)
2014-W260Normal value (A)
2014-W250Normal value (A)
2014-W240Normal value (A)
2014-W230Normal value (A)
2014-W220Normal value (A)
2014-W210Normal value (A)
2014-W200Normal value (A)
2014-W190Normal value (A)
2014-W180Normal value (A)
2014-W170Normal value (A)
2014-W160Normal value (A)
2014-W150Normal value (A)
2014-W140Normal value (A)
2014-W130Normal value (A)
2014-W120Normal value (A)
2014-W110Normal value (A)
2014-W100Normal value (A)
2014-W090Normal value (A)
2014-W080Normal value (A)
2014-W070Normal value (A)
2014-W060Normal value (A)
2014-W050Normal value (A)
2014-W040Normal value (A)
2014-W030Normal value (A)
2014-W020Normal value (A)
2014-W010Normal value (A)
2013-W520Normal value (A)
2013-W510Normal value (A)
2013-W500Normal value (A)
2013-W490Normal value (A)
2013-W480Normal value (A)
2013-W470Normal value (A)
2013-W460Normal value (A)
2013-W450Normal value (A)
2013-W440Normal value (A)
2013-W430Normal value (A)
2013-W420Normal value (A)
2013-W410Normal value (A)
2013-W400Normal value (A)
2013-W390Normal value (A)
2013-W380Normal value (A)
2013-W370Normal value (A)
2013-W360Normal value (A)
2013-W350Normal value (A)
2013-W340Normal value (A)
2013-W330Normal value (A)
2013-W320Normal value (A)
2013-W310Normal value (A)
2013-W300Normal value (A)
2013-W290Normal value (A)
2013-W280Normal value (A)
2013-W270Normal value (A)
2013-W260Normal value (A)
2013-W250Normal value (A)
2013-W240Normal value (A)
2013-W230Normal value (A)
2013-W220Normal value (A)
2013-W210Normal value (A)
2013-W200Normal value (A)
2013-W190Normal value (A)
2013-W180Normal value (A)
2013-W170Normal value (A)
2013-W160Normal value (A)
2013-W150Normal value (A)
2013-W140Normal value (A)
2013-W130Normal value (A)
2013-W120Normal value (A)
2013-W110Normal value (A)
2013-W100Normal value (A)
2013-W090Normal value (A)
2013-W080Normal value (A)
2013-W070Normal value (A)
2013-W060Normal value (A)
2013-W050Normal value (A)
2013-W040Normal value (A)
2013-W030Normal value (A)
2013-W020Normal value (A)
2013-W010Normal value (A)
2012-W520Normal value (A)
2012-W510Normal value (A)
2012-W500Normal value (A)
2012-W490Normal value (A)
2012-W480Normal value (A)
2012-W470Normal value (A)
2012-W460Normal value (A)
2012-W450Normal value (A)
2012-W440Normal value (A)
2012-W430Normal value (A)
2012-W420Normal value (A)
2012-W410Normal value (A)
2012-W400Normal value (A)
2012-W390Normal value (A)
2012-W380Normal value (A)
2012-W370Normal value (A)
2012-W360Normal value (A)
2012-W350Normal value (A)
2012-W340Normal value (A)
2012-W330Normal value (A)
2012-W320Normal value (A)
2012-W310Normal value (A)
2012-W300Normal value (A)
2012-W290Normal value (A)
2012-W280Normal value (A)
2012-W270Normal value (A)
2012-W260Normal value (A)
2012-W250Normal value (A)
2012-W240Normal value (A)
2012-W230Normal value (A)
2012-W220Normal value (A)
2012-W210Normal value (A)
2012-W200Normal value (A)
2012-W190Normal value (A)
2012-W180Normal value (A)
2012-W170Normal value (A)
2012-W160Normal value (A)
2012-W150Normal value (A)
2012-W140Normal value (A)
2012-W130Normal value (A)
2012-W120Normal value (A)
2012-W110Normal value (A)
2012-W100Normal value (A)
2012-W090Normal value (A)
2012-W080Normal value (A)
2012-W070Normal value (A)
2012-W060Normal value (A)
2012-W050Normal value (A)
2012-W040Normal value (A)
2012-W030Normal value (A)
2012-W020Normal value (A)
2012-W010Normal value (A)
2011-W520Normal value (A)
2011-W510Normal value (A)
2011-W500Normal value (A)
2011-W490Normal value (A)
2011-W480Normal value (A)
2011-W470Normal value (A)
2011-W460Normal value (A)
2011-W450Normal value (A)
2011-W440Normal value (A)
2011-W430Normal value (A)
2011-W420Normal value (A)
2011-W410Normal value (A)
2011-W400Normal value (A)
2011-W390Normal value (A)
2011-W380Normal value (A)
2011-W370Normal value (A)
2011-W360Normal value (A)
2011-W350Normal value (A)
2011-W340Normal value (A)
2011-W330Normal value (A)
2011-W320Normal value (A)
2011-W310Normal value (A)
2011-W300Normal value (A)
2011-W290Normal value (A)
2011-W280Normal value (A)
2011-W270Normal value (A)
2011-W260Normal value (A)
2011-W250Normal value (A)
2011-W240Normal value (A)
2011-W230Normal value (A)
2011-W220Normal value (A)
2011-W210Normal value (A)
2011-W200Normal value (A)
2011-W190Normal value (A)
2011-W180Normal value (A)
2011-W170Normal value (A)
2011-W160Normal value (A)
2011-W150Normal value (A)
2011-W140Normal value (A)
2011-W130Normal value (A)
2011-W120Normal value (A)
2011-W110Normal value (A)
2011-W100Normal value (A)
2011-W090Normal value (A)
2011-W080Normal value (A)
2011-W070Normal value (A)
2011-W060Normal value (A)
2011-W050Normal value (A)
2011-W040Normal value (A)
2011-W030Normal value (A)
2011-W020Normal value (A)
2011-W010Normal value (A)
2010-W520Normal value (A)
2010-W510Normal value (A)
2010-W500Normal value (A)
2010-W490Normal value (A)
2010-W480Normal value (A)
2010-W470Normal value (A)
2010-W460Normal value (A)
2010-W450Normal value (A)
2010-W440Normal value (A)
2010-W430Normal value (A)
2010-W420Normal value (A)
2010-W410Normal value (A)
2010-W400Normal value (A)
2010-W390Normal value (A)
2010-W380Normal value (A)
2010-W370Normal value (A)
2010-W360Normal value (A)
2010-W350Normal value (A)
2010-W340Normal value (A)
2010-W330Normal value (A)
2010-W320Normal value (A)
2010-W310Normal value (A)
2010-W300Normal value (A)
2010-W290Normal value (A)
2010-W280Normal value (A)
2010-W270Normal value (A)
2010-W260Normal value (A)
2010-W250Normal value (A)
2010-W240Normal value (A)
2010-W230Normal value (A)
2010-W220Normal value (A)
2010-W210Normal value (A)
2010-W200Normal value (A)
2010-W190Normal value (A)
2010-W180Normal value (A)
2010-W170Normal value (A)
2010-W160Normal value (A)
2010-W150Normal value (A)
2010-W140Normal value (A)
2010-W130Normal value (A)
2010-W120Normal value (A)
2010-W110Normal value (A)
2010-W100Normal value (A)
2010-W090Normal value (A)
2010-W080Normal value (A)
2010-W070Normal value (A)
2010-W060Normal value (A)
2010-W050Normal value (A)
2010-W040Normal value (A)
2010-W030Normal value (A)
2010-W020Normal value (A)
2010-W010Normal value (A)
2009-W530Normal value (A)
2009-W520Normal value (A)
2009-W510Normal value (A)
2009-W500Normal value (A)
2009-W490Normal value (A)
2009-W480Normal value (A)
2009-W470Normal value (A)
2009-W460Normal value (A)
2009-W450Normal value (A)
2009-W440Normal value (A)
2009-W430Normal value (A)
2009-W420Normal value (A)
2009-W410Normal value (A)
2009-W400Normal value (A)
2009-W390Normal value (A)
2009-W380Normal value (A)
2009-W370Normal value (A)
2009-W360Normal value (A)
2009-W350Normal value (A)
2009-W340Normal value (A)
2009-W330Normal value (A)
2009-W320Normal value (A)
2009-W310Normal value (A)
2009-W300Normal value (A)
2009-W290Normal value (A)
2009-W280Normal value (A)
2009-W270Normal value (A)
2009-W260Normal value (A)
2009-W250Normal value (A)
2009-W240Normal value (A)
2009-W230Normal value (A)
2009-W220Normal value (A)
2009-W210Normal value (A)
2009-W200Normal value (A)
2009-W190Normal value (A)
2009-W180Normal value (A)
2009-W170Normal value (A)
2009-W160Normal value (A)
2009-W150Normal value (A)
2009-W140Normal value (A)
2009-W130Normal value (A)
2009-W120Normal value (A)
2009-W110Normal value (A)
2009-W100Normal value (A)
2009-W090Normal value (A)
2009-W080Normal value (A)
2009-W070Normal value (A)
2009-W060Normal value (A)
2009-W050Normal value (A)
2009-W040Normal value (A)
2009-W031003Normal value (A)
2009-W021003Normal value (A)
2009-W011003Normal value (A)
2008-W520Normal value (A)
2008-W510Normal value (A)
2008-W500Normal value (A)
2008-W490Normal value (A)
2008-W480Normal value (A)
2008-W470Normal value (A)
2008-W460Normal value (A)
2008-W450Normal value (A)
2008-W440Normal value (A)
2008-W430Normal value (A)
2008-W420Normal value (A)
2008-W410Normal value (A)
2008-W400Normal value (A)
2008-W390Normal value (A)
2008-W380Normal value (A)
2008-W370Normal value (A)
2008-W360Normal value (A)
2008-W350Normal value (A)
2008-W340Normal value (A)
2008-W330Normal value (A)
2008-W320Normal value (A)
2008-W310Normal value (A)
2008-W300Normal value (A)
2008-W290Normal value (A)
2008-W280Normal value (A)
2008-W270Normal value (A)
2008-W260Normal value (A)
2008-W250Normal value (A)
2008-W240Normal value (A)
2008-W230Normal value (A)
2008-W220Normal value (A)
2008-W210Normal value (A)
2008-W200Normal value (A)
2008-W190Normal value (A)
2008-W180Normal value (A)
2008-W170Normal value (A)
2008-W160Normal value (A)
2008-W150Normal value (A)
2008-W140Normal value (A)
2008-W130Normal value (A)
2008-W120Normal value (A)
2008-W110Normal value (A)
2008-W100Normal value (A)
2008-W090Normal value (A)
2008-W080Normal value (A)
2008-W070Normal value (A)
2008-W060Normal value (A)
2008-W050Normal value (A)
2008-W040Normal value (A)
2008-W030Normal value (A)
2008-W020Normal value (A)
2008-W010Normal value (A)
2007-W520Normal value (A)
2007-W510Normal value (A)
2007-W500Normal value (A)
2007-W490Normal value (A)
2007-W480Normal value (A)
2007-W470Normal value (A)
2007-W460Normal value (A)
2007-W450Normal value (A)
2007-W440Normal value (A)
2007-W430Normal value (A)
2007-W420Normal value (A)
2007-W410Normal value (A)
2007-W400Normal value (A)
2007-W390Normal value (A)
2007-W380Normal value (A)
2007-W370Normal value (A)
2007-W360Normal value (A)
2007-W350Normal value (A)
2007-W340Normal value (A)
2007-W330Normal value (A)
2007-W320Normal value (A)
2007-W310Normal value (A)
2007-W300Normal value (A)
2007-W290Normal value (A)
2007-W280Normal value (A)
2007-W270Normal value (A)
2007-W260Normal value (A)
2007-W250Normal value (A)
2007-W240Normal value (A)
2007-W230Normal value (A)
2007-W220Normal value (A)
2007-W210Normal value (A)
2007-W200Normal value (A)
2007-W190Normal value (A)
2007-W180Normal value (A)
2007-W170Normal value (A)
2007-W160Normal value (A)
2007-W150Normal value (A)
2007-W140Normal value (A)
2007-W130Normal value (A)
2007-W120Normal value (A)
2007-W110Normal value (A)
2007-W100Normal value (A)
2007-W090Normal value (A)
2007-W080Normal value (A)
2007-W070Normal value (A)
2007-W060Normal value (A)
2007-W050Normal value (A)
2007-W041Normal value (A)
2007-W0337Normal value (A)
2007-W0244Normal value (A)
2007-W0195Normal value (A)
2006-W520Normal value (A)
2006-W510Normal value (A)
2006-W500Normal value (A)
2006-W490Normal value (A)
2006-W480Normal value (A)
2006-W470Normal value (A)
2006-W460Normal value (A)
2006-W450Normal value (A)
2006-W440Normal value (A)
2006-W430Normal value (A)
2006-W420Normal value (A)
2006-W410Normal value (A)
2006-W400Normal value (A)
2006-W390Normal value (A)
2006-W380Normal value (A)
2006-W370Normal value (A)
2006-W360Normal value (A)
2006-W350Normal value (A)
2006-W340Normal value (A)
2006-W330Normal value (A)
2006-W320Normal value (A)
2006-W310Normal value (A)
2006-W300Normal value (A)
2006-W290Normal value (A)
2006-W280Normal value (A)
2006-W270Normal value (A)
2006-W260Normal value (A)
2006-W250Normal value (A)
2006-W240Normal value (A)
2006-W230Normal value (A)
2006-W220Normal value (A)
2006-W210Normal value (A)
2006-W200Normal value (A)
2006-W190Normal value (A)
2006-W180Normal value (A)
2006-W170Normal value (A)
2006-W160Normal value (A)
2006-W150Normal value (A)
2006-W140Normal value (A)
2006-W130Normal value (A)
2006-W120Normal value (A)
2006-W110Normal value (A)
2006-W100Normal value (A)
2006-W090Normal value (A)
2006-W080Normal value (A)
2006-W070Normal value (A)
2006-W060Normal value (A)
2006-W050Normal value (A)
2006-W040Normal value (A)
2006-W030Normal value (A)
2006-W020Normal value (A)
2006-W010Normal value (A)
2005-W520Normal value (A)
2005-W510Normal value (A)
2005-W500Normal value (A)
2005-W490Normal value (A)
2005-W480Normal value (A)
2005-W470Normal value (A)
2005-W460Normal value (A)
2005-W450Normal value (A)
2005-W440Normal value (A)
2005-W430Normal value (A)
2005-W420Normal value (A)
2005-W410Normal value (A)
2005-W400Normal value (A)
2005-W390Normal value (A)
2005-W380Normal value (A)
2005-W370Normal value (A)
2005-W360Normal value (A)
2005-W350Normal value (A)
2005-W340Normal value (A)
2005-W330Normal value (A)
2005-W320Normal value (A)
2005-W310Normal value (A)
2005-W300Normal value (A)
2005-W290Normal value (A)
2005-W280Normal value (A)
2005-W270Normal value (A)
2005-W260Normal value (A)
2005-W250Normal value (A)
2005-W240Normal value (A)
2005-W230Normal value (A)
2005-W220Normal value (A)
2005-W210Normal value (A)
2005-W200Normal value (A)
2005-W190Normal value (A)
2005-W180Normal value (A)
2005-W170Normal value (A)
2005-W160Normal value (A)
2005-W150Normal value (A)
2005-W140Normal value (A)
2005-W130Normal value (A)
2005-W120Normal value (A)
2005-W110Normal value (A)
2005-W100Normal value (A)
2005-W090Normal value (A)
2005-W080Normal value (A)
2005-W070Normal value (A)
2005-W060Normal value (A)
2005-W050Normal value (A)
2005-W040Normal value (A)
2005-W030Normal value (A)
2005-W020Normal value (A)
2005-W010Normal value (A)
2004-W530Normal value (A)
2004-W520Normal value (A)
2004-W510Normal value (A)
2004-W500Normal value (A)
2004-W490Normal value (A)
2004-W480Normal value (A)
2004-W470Normal value (A)
2004-W460Normal value (A)
2004-W450Normal value (A)
2004-W441054Normal value (A)
2004-W431054Normal value (A)
2004-W421054Normal value (A)
2004-W411054Normal value (A)
2004-W401054Normal value (A)
2004-W391054Normal value (A)
2004-W381054Normal value (A)
2004-W371054Normal value (A)
2004-W361054Normal value (A)
2004-W351054Normal value (A)
2004-W341054Normal value (A)
2004-W331054Normal value (A)
2004-W321054Normal value (A)
2004-W311054Normal value (A)
2004-W301054Normal value (A)
2004-W291054Normal value (A)
2004-W281054Normal value (A)
2004-W271054Normal value (A)
2004-W261054Normal value (A)
2004-W251054Normal value (A)
2004-W241054Normal value (A)
2004-W231054Normal value (A)
2004-W221054Normal value (A)
2004-W211054Normal value (A)
2004-W201054Normal value (A)
2004-W191054Normal value (A)
2004-W181054Normal value (A)
2004-W171054Normal value (A)
2004-W161054Normal value (A)
2004-W151054Normal value (A)
2004-W141054Normal value (A)
2004-W131054Normal value (A)
2004-W121054Normal value (A)
2004-W111054Normal value (A)
2004-W101054Normal value (A)
2004-W091054Normal value (A)
2004-W081054Normal value (A)
2004-W071054Normal value (A)
2004-W061054Normal value (A)
2004-W051054Normal value (A)
2004-W041054Normal value (A)
2004-W031054Normal value (A)
2004-W021054Normal value (A)
2004-W011054Normal value (A)
2003-W521054Normal value (A)
2003-W511054Normal value (A)
2003-W501054Normal value (A)
2003-W491054Normal value (A)
2003-W481054Normal value (A)
2003-W471054Normal value (A)
2003-W461054Normal value (A)
2003-W451054Normal value (A)
2003-W442029Normal value (A)
2003-W432029Normal value (A)
2003-W422029Normal value (A)
2003-W412029Normal value (A)
2003-W402029Normal value (A)
2003-W392029Normal value (A)
2003-W382029Normal value (A)
2003-W372029Normal value (A)
2003-W362029Normal value (A)
2003-W352029Normal value (A)
2003-W342029Normal value (A)
2003-W332029Normal value (A)
2003-W322029Normal value (A)
2003-W312029Normal value (A)
2003-W302029Normal value (A)
2003-W292029Normal value (A)
2003-W282029Normal value (A)
2003-W272029Normal value (A)
2003-W262029Normal value (A)
2003-W252029Normal value (A)
2003-W242029Normal value (A)
2003-W232029Normal value (A)
2003-W222029Normal value (A)
2003-W212029Normal value (A)
2003-W202029Normal value (A)
2003-W192029Normal value (A)
2003-W182029Normal value (A)
2003-W172029Normal value (A)
2003-W162029Normal value (A)
2003-W152029Normal value (A)
2003-W142029Normal value (A)
2003-W132029Normal value (A)
2003-W122029Normal value (A)
2003-W112029Normal value (A)
2003-W102029Normal value (A)
2003-W092029Normal value (A)
2003-W082029Normal value (A)
2003-W072029Normal value (A)
2003-W062029Normal value (A)
2003-W052029Normal value (A)
2003-W042029Normal value (A)
2003-W032029Normal value (A)
2003-W022029Normal value (A)
2003-W012029Normal value (A)
2002-W522029Normal value (A)
2002-W512029Normal value (A)
2002-W502029Normal value (A)
2002-W492029Normal value (A)
2002-W482029Normal value (A)
2002-W472029Normal value (A)
2002-W462029Normal value (A)
2002-W452029Normal value (A)
2002-W442939Normal value (A)
2002-W432939Normal value (A)
2002-W422939Normal value (A)
2002-W412939Normal value (A)
2002-W402939Normal value (A)
2002-W392939Normal value (A)
2002-W382939Normal value (A)
2002-W372939Normal value (A)
2002-W362939Normal value (A)
2002-W352939Normal value (A)
2002-W342939Normal value (A)
2002-W332939Normal value (A)
2002-W322939Normal value (A)
2002-W312939Normal value (A)
2002-W302939Normal value (A)
2002-W292939Normal value (A)
2002-W282939Normal value (A)
2002-W272939Normal value (A)
2002-W262939Normal value (A)
2002-W252939Normal value (A)
2002-W242939Normal value (A)
2002-W232939Normal value (A)
2002-W222939Normal value (A)
2002-W212939Normal value (A)
2002-W202939Normal value (A)
2002-W192939Normal value (A)
2002-W182939Normal value (A)
2002-W172939Normal value (A)
2002-W162939Normal value (A)
2002-W152939Normal value (A)
2002-W142939Normal value (A)
2002-W132939Normal value (A)
2002-W122939Normal value (A)
2002-W112939Normal value (A)
2002-W102939Normal value (A)
2002-W092939Normal value (A)
2002-W082939Normal value (A)
2002-W072939Normal value (A)
2002-W062939Normal value (A)
2002-W052939Normal value (A)
2002-W042939Normal value (A)
2002-W032939Normal value (A)
2002-W022939Normal value (A)
2002-W012939Normal value (A)
2001-W522939Normal value (A)
2001-W512939Normal value (A)
2001-W502939Normal value (A)
2001-W492939Normal value (A)
2001-W482939Normal value (A)
2001-W472939Normal value (A)
2001-W462939Normal value (A)
2001-W452939Normal value (A)
2001-W442939Normal value (A)
2001-W433784Normal value (A)
2001-W423784Normal value (A)
2001-W413784Normal value (A)
2001-W403784Normal value (A)
2001-W393784Normal value (A)
2001-W383784Normal value (A)
2001-W373784Normal value (A)
2001-W363784Normal value (A)
2001-W353784Normal value (A)
2001-W343784Normal value (A)
2001-W333784Normal value (A)
2001-W323784Normal value (A)
2001-W313784Normal value (A)
2001-W303784Normal value (A)
2001-W293784Normal value (A)
2001-W283784Normal value (A)
2001-W273784Normal value (A)
2001-W263784Normal value (A)
2001-W253784Normal value (A)
2001-W243784Normal value (A)
2001-W233784Normal value (A)
2001-W223784Normal value (A)
2001-W213784Normal value (A)
2001-W203784Normal value (A)
2001-W193784Normal value (A)
2001-W183784Normal value (A)
2001-W173784Normal value (A)
2001-W163784Normal value (A)
2001-W153784Normal value (A)
2001-W143784Normal value (A)
2001-W133784Normal value (A)
2001-W123784Normal value (A)
2001-W113784Normal value (A)
2001-W103784Normal value (A)
2001-W093784Normal value (A)
2001-W083784Normal value (A)
2001-W073784Normal value (A)
2001-W063784Normal value (A)
2001-W053784Normal value (A)
2001-W043784Normal value (A)
2001-W033784Normal value (A)
2001-W023784Normal value (A)
2001-W013784Normal value (A)
2000-W523784Normal value (A)
2000-W513784Normal value (A)
2000-W503784Normal value (A)
2000-W493784Normal value (A)
2000-W483784Normal value (A)
2000-W473784Normal value (A)
2000-W463784Normal value (A)
2000-W453784Normal value (A)
2000-W443784Normal value (A)
2000-W434574Normal value (A)
2000-W424574Normal value (A)
2000-W414574Normal value (A)
2000-W404574Normal value (A)
2000-W394574Normal value (A)
2000-W386265Normal value (A)
2000-W376265Normal value (A)
2000-W366265Normal value (A)
2000-W356265Normal value (A)
2000-W346265Normal value (A)
2000-W336265Normal value (A)
2000-W326265Normal value (A)
2000-W316265Normal value (A)
2000-W306265Normal value (A)
2000-W296265Normal value (A)
2000-W286265Normal value (A)
2000-W276265Normal value (A)
2000-W266265Normal value (A)
2000-W256265Normal value (A)
2000-W246265Normal value (A)
2000-W236265Normal value (A)
2000-W226265Normal value (A)
2000-W216265Normal value (A)
2000-W206265Normal value (A)
2000-W196265Normal value (A)
2000-W186265Normal value (A)
2000-W176265Normal value (A)
2000-W166265Normal value (A)
2000-W156265Normal value (A)
2000-W146265Normal value (A)
2000-W136265Normal value (A)
2000-W127876Normal value (A)
2000-W117876Normal value (A)
2000-W107876Normal value (A)
2000-W097876Normal value (A)
2000-W087876Normal value (A)
2000-W077876Normal value (A)
2000-W067876Normal value (A)
2000-W057876Normal value (A)
2000-W047876Normal value (A)
2000-W037876Normal value (A)
2000-W027876Normal value (A)
2000-W017876Normal value (A)
1999-W527876Normal value (A)
1999-W517876Normal value (A)
1999-W507876Normal value (A)
1999-W497876Normal value (A)
1999-W487876Normal value (A)
1999-W477876Normal value (A)
1999-W467876Normal value (A)
1999-W457876Normal value (A)
1999-W447876Normal value (A)
1999-W438606Normal value (A)
1999-W428606Normal value (A)
1999-W418606Normal value (A)
1999-W408606Normal value (A)
1999-W398606Normal value (A)
1999-W3810158Normal value (A)
1999-W3710158Normal value (A)
1999-W3610158Normal value (A)
1999-W3510158Normal value (A)
1999-W3410158Normal value (A)
1999-W3310158Normal value (A)
1999-W3210158Normal value (A)
1999-W3110158Normal value (A)
1999-W3010158Normal value (A)
1999-W2910158Normal value (A)
1999-W2810158Normal value (A)
1999-W2710158Normal value (A)
1999-W2610158Normal value (A)
1999-W2510158Normal value (A)
1999-W2410158Normal value (A)
1999-W2310158Normal value (A)
1999-W2210158Normal value (A)
1999-W2110158Normal value (A)
1999-W2010158Normal value (A)
1999-W1910158Normal value (A)
1999-W1810158Normal value (A)
1999-W1710158Normal value (A)
1999-W1610158Normal value (A)
1999-W1510158Normal value (A)
1999-W1410158Normal value (A)
1999-W136265Normal value (A)
1999-W1211650Normal value (A)
1999-W1111650Normal value (A)
1999-W1011650Normal value (A)
1999-W0911650Normal value (A)
1999-W0811650Normal value (A)
1999-W0711650Normal value (A)
1999-W0611650Normal value (A)
1999-W0511650Normal value (A)
1999-W0411650Normal value (A)
1999-W0311651Normal value (A)
1999-W0211651Normal value (A)
1999-W0111651Normal value (A)
1998-W5313835Normal value (A)