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Household Sector Report

This report provides an up-to-date statistical picture of economic conditions for the household sector in the euro area as a whole and in all euro area countries. The report focuses on eight groups of indicators, four financial and four non-financial, that are covered in two main sections, entitled ”Euro area indicators” and ”Country indicators” respectively. Many cross-country charts compare the latest indicator values with their medium-term development (presented, by way of convention, as a four-year moving average in the case of flows, or as the respective indicator’s value four years earlier in the case of stocks and highly inertial variables).

Further information

The ECB, together with Eurostat, publishes the integrated euro area sectoral accounts, covering financial and non-financial accounts, from which most of the statistical series shown in this report are derived. Data are compiled in accordance with the methodological framework established in the ESA 2010. Population data are taken from the ESA 2010 Transmission Programme, whilst data on employment and unemployment levels (Chart 4) are taken from the EU’s Labour Force Survey, as collected and published by Eurostat.

In order to better convey the household-specific perspective, many indicators are presented in terms of their value per capita or as a percentage of disposable income. This also enhances the meaningfulness of cross-country comparisons. Information on the distribution of household related economic indicators (e.g. the distribution of income and wealth) within a country, however, cannot be derived from these measures. Where quarterly data are not available, the report shows the latest available annual data. Unless otherwise indicated, all euro area data series relate to the group of 19 countries that were members of the euro area in the most recent reporting period.

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